Two-sided printing in Office 2003 and 2007

By jim.wyse ·
In Office 2003, I can setup my document for two-sided printing, by setting the front and back of the sheets, i.e. odd-numbered pages on the front, and even pages on the back. Office then prints the odd-numbered pages, in reverse order, waits for me to return the printed pages to the printer's input tray, and then prints the even-numbered pages, in correct ascending sequence.
I cannot find how to achieve this in Office 2007.
Does anyone know how?

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On the print screen

by IC-IT In reply to Two-sided printing in Off ...

From the large circle chose Print.
On the new print window that pops up you should look to the right corner.
You will see Properties, under that Find Printer, then Print to file and then under that Manual Duplex.

You may need to open your printer's property sheet and check the Device Settings to insure Allow Manual Duplexing is enabled.

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Not quite what I need.

by jim.wyse In reply to On the print screen

Thanks, but that's not the bit I'm having difficulty with.
Just selecting Manual duplex only does half the job.
The system prints the first sides, probably odd numbered pages, then prints the second sides, but in the wrong sequence!
Thus I get...
Front of sheet 1 = Page 1
Back of sheet 1 = last even numbered page (30 say)
Front of sheet 2 = Page 3
Back of sheet 2 = Page 28
Front of sheet 3 = Page 5
Back of sheet 3 = Page 26

And so on!

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that's the printer

by CG IT In reply to Not quite what I need.

which printer because if it isn't one of those big duplexing printers, then you have to manually put side one back in after it's all done, then hit the print button again to get the duplex in the right order. I have a printer that does duplex but it is not auto duplex. so it prints side one last to first, then I have to load the paper again to duplex print last to first even then odd.

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HP K5400

by jim.wyse In reply to that's the printer

It's an HP Officejet Pro K5400.
Yes, I have to move the paper from the output tray back to the input tray, that's not the problem. I want to control the sequence of the second sides, such that the end result is like a book, i.e. page 1, turn over, Page 2, etc.
This is simple in Office 2003, I can specify the sequence of both the front and the back of the sheets under "Options for duplex printing", but this does not appear in Office 2007.

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That is in printer setup.......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to HP K5400

If you haven't installed the printer correctly, the option won't be present.

Every printer technically has the ability to manual duplex and set the print order of the pages accordingly. But, if you're overriding the print sequence with the document setup in Office (or whatever program), you'll mess with the printer settings. AND, if you're not putting the paper back into the IN tray correctly, pages won't be printed in the right sequence.

Just let the printer do it and quit trying to override the printer with the program.

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Nope, that's not it!

by jim.wyse In reply to That is in printer setup. ...

Nope, you're not on the right track!
Without changing printer settings, this works fine in Office 2003, but not in Office 2007. The printer can only be setup for manual duplexing, as it doesn't have the duplexing attachment.
Go back and re-read my earlier posts. It's all to do with how to tell the system which sequence to use for the second part of the printing.

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humm 2003 method doesn't work eh?

by CG IT In reply to HP K5400

So the how to article on the Office help website for 2007 doesn't work either?

If that doesn't work I know Microsoft would want to know because if you have the problem others will to.

Microsoft Community Discussions board is the place to go. Either MVPs or actual Microsoft techs answer questions....

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Office 2007 help doesn't fix it!

by jim.wyse In reply to humm 2003 method doesn't ...

I thought that was it, but no! The note right at the bottom of the page sums it up:
" Note Depending on the printer model, you might have to rotate and reorder the pages to print the other side of the stack. "

Office 2003 doesn't need this, so why does 2007?

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A question for Microsoft....

by CG IT In reply to Office 2007 help doesn't ...

Microsoft is all for customer experience so, might mention this to them....

other than that, haven't a clue why 2007 can't duplex like 2003.

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Found it!

by jim.wyse In reply to Office 2007 help doesn't ...

I've found it! In Office 2007, go to Options, then Advanced, then scroll down to the Print section.
You should now see a tick box, (sorry, "Check Box" for you guys who don't speak Real English, like wot we does!), to "Print on the back of the sheet for duplex printing."

Quite why this does the job is anyone's guess, but there you go!

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