Two Users Acessign Same FIle over LAN.....Help

By jshoemaker21 ·
I have two sometimes more, users accessing an Excel spreadsheet on a network drive. The dialog box that used to come up that says someone else is working on the file no longer pops up. It used to give you the choice of Notifying the user, Opening a Read only copy or cancelling the request. How do I get this dialog box to come up. I need this because there have been several times when two users are working on the file and they overwrite the other persons changes. Please let me know. Thank You.

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Well it would help a lot if

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Two Users Acessign Same F ...

You where to say what OS's where involved here and what was being used as a server.

But without any of this I'm assuming that you have a small LAN and several people are require to enter data on an Excel Spreadsheet which is entirely the wrong application for this type of work.

Excel is a Desktop Only Application and not suited to the LAN Environment so you really need to dump Excel and go with a Proper Spread sheet Program that can share it's files between different users. In a situation like this every Office Application is useless to you and you need the proper applications. This way several different people can work on the same document at the same time without interfering with each others work.

So ring M$ and buy the products that you need with the correct number of Licenses and then install this onto the server and have the software running from there and allow the end users to launch the applications remotely.

As for the pop ups that you had previously these where most likely killed off by a recent Office Patch so you'll need to wipe every computer in the place including the server and reinstall everything but not apply the most recent Office Patches and you will then be back to a position where you where previously. If M$ allowed this to continue unaffected how do you expect them to sell copies of Office 12/2007 to people/companies who don't need it?


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It still works for other workbooks

by jshoemaker21 In reply to Well it would help a lot ...

We don't want people to work on them at the same time thats why I want the pop up back...

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As a Suggestion

by Johnson.Charles.C In reply to Two Users Acessign Same F ...

Use a collaborative (i.e. webtop) application that allows views. Google Spreadsheets for one, or a open version of WSS that does check-in/check-out.
There is no easy solution to this without a commitment from your users in time and patience.

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The popup was there its a built in feature to Office

by jshoemaker21 In reply to As a Suggestion

It just notifies the other person trying to open the file that it is already opened..... We're on XP and Server 2003.

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by LocoLobo In reply to Two Users Acessign Same F ...

I googled excel "read only" notify and found your question but no answer yet. My question is this. Did the workbook change from an unshared workbook to a shared one recently? Did something else change?

Our notification is working but I can't find where to set it. I am curious as to the answer myself.

Good luck.

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by jshoemaker21 In reply to question

It's not set to shared. Never has been. Nothing else has rchanged except for the data in the sheet.

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possible workaround?

by LocoLobo In reply to Reply

Does the "file in use" dialog still work for other workbooks? If it does maybe you can open the one that doesn't work and "save as". That may not work either so (groan) maybe you can copy and past worksheets from the original workbook into a new one.

If the "file in use" dialog doesn't work in other worksheets then it might be a problem with Excel itself. I can't think of an answer to that other than reinstalling Excel.

Googling for Excel "file in use" hasn't returned anything useful so far.

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by jshoemaker21 In reply to possible workaround?

I can try that. It does work for other workbooks, just not this one. I'll try and copy the sheets to a new workbook.

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THe box is called

by jshoemaker21 In reply to Two Users Acessign Same F ...

File in Use

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by Thomas.Clymer In reply to THe box is called

Microsoft SharePoint will allow multiple users to access the file at the same time without loosing data.

Also, if you are using Office 2003, there is an option to allow multiple users to edit the file at the same time without loosing any changes.

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