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Two weeks later...

By maecuff ·
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I'm starting my third week as a factory worker. I'm tired all of the time and everything hurts. We had today off, but I understand, that beginning tomorrow, we're working 12 hours each day, 7 days a week. I put a Dennison Fastener through the tip of my finger on Friday. And I have a splinter in my *** from sitting on a stack of pallets. (I won't have to learn THAT lesson again). We've tried just about everything to get it out. My husband wants me to go to the Doctor to get it out, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I'm going to try bikini wax in a few minutes. And even worse than ANY of that, it dawned on me that I am NEVER going have time to get my hair done. We can't have this. I'm going to have to do my own hair! I don't do hair. I'm no good at it.

I'm pretty sure that I'm going to start losing members of my staff. They aren't going to be running presses for very long before they jump ship. My boss and his wife came over to our house last night. He's on the verge of walking out, himself. It seems as if the place is crumbling from the inside out.

I've re-read this and tried to find a point to my post and there really isn't one.. I'm just rambling because I can. :)

I haven't been able to stay on top of anything here. Have I missed anything good?

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Thank you, GG

by maecuff In reply to Mae, be careful

I really appreciate the advice. I have pepper spray and we are escorted from the parking lot, into our main facility, then escorted back out to a bus or van and escorted by two security vans to the manufacturing and distribution building (which is where IT is).

I haven't gone ANYWHERE after hours without my husband. He doesn't usually even attempt to tell me what to do, but he is adament about me not being alone at anytime. I'm going to go ahead and let him have his way on this one. I really think he's more frightened by this than I am. I'm not really afraid, but I am unsettled. This week will be their first week without a paycheck, so I expect the incidents will be coming more often and they will be more violent.

More than anything, I am tired. I'm tired of doing physical labor and trying to run an IT department at the same time. I'm tired of fighting with the foremen over my people running back and forth between IT issues and manufacturing work. I have some employees who are older than I am and I see the toll it's taking on their health. I hope they find a way to find a new job and just go away. I'd rather deal with the fallout of that than see them go through this.

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So, what's up lately?

by DelbertPGH In reply to Two weeks later...

It's been about 8 days. What has developed?

You know, since you come equipped with a point of view and a respectable writing style, you could give writing a shot. Life has blessed you with some interesting problems lately. Think of it as subject matter.

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Oddly enough

by maecuff In reply to So, what's up lately?

I used to write. I even had some success (very little, but it was an ego boost).

Actually, I would love to take the time to start again, but as I am the major bread winner for my family, I kinda have to stick with the IT thing for a while.

Nothing new on the strike. I'm still spending 5-6 hours a day in manufacturing. I get called names while getting bussed to and from my building, but I don't mind. I've been called worse by better people.

We don't have to work this Saturday and I am monumentally thankful for that. I sincerely need a break. And my house is only clean by my husband's standards. Not that it's bad, or anything, but still..

On the plus side? I am developing some major muscles in my arms and I've dropped a size.

They've had some talks, but neither side is gonna blink. We've hired well over 100 replacement workers, so manufacturing is limping along. Haven't lost any major customers yet, but they are making noises.

I just want to see how the movie ends. And when that happens, I'll have to start over again. I'm too tired to get all worked up over it. Besides, I have a skill and I'm smart. It'll all work out. I hope. :)

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Wow, Mae!

by DMambo In reply to Oddly enough

I've kinda been in hibernation for a few weeks, and I just found this thread. I'm sure a weekend off sounds pretty good to you right now.

If I were in your shoes, I'd be a grumpy SOB and I'd take my misery out on my family. I hope your above that. I know that you have a great prespective on life, so I'm not worried about it.

(Actually If I were in your shoes, you guys would make fun of me like you do JD!)

You've had a tough go lately, but my wife always quotes that Nitchxzeqrze...(?) guy, whose name I can't spell - "That which does not kill us make us stronger"

Chin up, old bean!

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by maecuff In reply to Wow, Mae!

I'm not overly grumpy. I'm mostly guilty of being too tired to participate in much of anything. I feel bad, because the 8 year old just doesn't understand that mommy is tired ALL of the time.

Yes, I AM getting stronger, physically. Mentally and emotionally? I'm a little beaten down. It'll be okay as soon as I can rest a little.

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