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Type of College

By quaribc ·
type of college
I know there are a lot of college kids in here asking questions about the value of a degree. I know that a degree is great, but my question is does it really matter what college the degree comes from?

I know getting a degree from MIT or CalTech would put me on a different altogether, but I was wondering more on a small time schools. There is a school in my area that's akin to Univ of Phoenix. You know for working adults. I wanted to attend that University and finish my BS in Computer Information Systems and Internetworking (double major).

When it comes to finding work and the HR department does it matter on what school I went to? Thanks.

PS: I know I posted this in the Network Admin area, but that was a mistake.

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In a perfect world..

by jdmercha In reply to Not really

I'd agree with you 100%.

"If you're going to college simply because you view it as another cert, don't waste your time and money."

An education is never a waste of time. Even if you don't use it.

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Re: Type of College

by scottpmullins In reply to Type of College

As a manager with direct hiring / firing responsibilities, I would be the first to admit that nine times out of ten a school that a particular candidate attended has no bearing on my decision.

The only exceptions are candidates that attended military colleges / academies (I attended The Citadel, myself...).

In the end, if you have a degree in CS, I don't care where you got it from... you still have a degree in CS.

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