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Tyranny of the offended

By MirrorMirror ·
I am looking for understanding, not flames. Seriously. I do not know any Muslims who can explain things to me. My son is putting himself in harms way to help bring freedom to Muslims. I have a serious stake in understanding what is going on.

Muslims around the world are offended by cartoons and are making threats of boycotts and violence. I have been watching this unfold, wondering where it would lead and am very dissapointed at the reaction from the Muslim world.

If the media and the world gives in to the insane Muslim response then we will all have a much more difficult time in the future defending ourselves from anyone else who makes demands because they are "offended". Lots of things offend me, but I know that I cannot go around threatening people and governments over them.

Let me state that I do not believe that the Muslim reaction that is being shown in the media is the norm. However, where are the moderate Muslims denouncing the extremists? Someone, please, give me something to show me that there is reason and tolerance in the Muslim world.

When Pat Robertson stuck his foot in his mouth not too long ago with his insensitive remarks about Ariel Sharon, Christian moderates all over denounced what Robertson said. Is is possible that most Muslims believe that they should kill someone over a CARTOON? Take a look at the signs on Michelle Malkin's site...

I do not understand how Muslims can seriously demand tolerance for themselves but will not tolerate anyone else. That is just plain delusional. All I can say is, support the Danish and anyone else who is not cowering down to threats.

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We are not talking public service

by X-MarCap In reply to Well in that case how doe ...

We are talking the people who survive on the taxes of others without working, or trying to work.

Perhaps the US has been made more socialistic than other countries in some respects. The US was built on the concept of a strong Federal government with limited powers. As long as the Federal government couldn't tax either wealth, or income, and was surviving on tarriffs the gov't was small due to lack of resources... We could pay more for everything else easily if the bloated spider of entitlements / socialism was gone from our backs.

I would now hate to live through the transition back to the small limited government of Pre - Civil War America. I suspect that the riots of the Muslims would be far more peaceful than those of Americans being weaned from tax money...

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They'd still be ticked at us

by Dr Dij In reply to Well in that case how doe ...

for things like abusing their women. Van Gogh, a filmmaker in EU was assassinated for making a film depicting how many Muslims mistreat women.

And the intolerance evidenced of any other religion by the radicals is bound to bring conflict.

Plus the fact that many of the Muslims in Europe went there because they were kicked out by (possibly repressive) regimes in their own country who didn't want them stirring up trouble and running around assassinating people, like the fellow in charge of Egypt a while back, tourists visiting the pyramids, etc.

So EU's extending a helping hand, to these people, who probably claimed persecution in their homeland, or who just came in under worker's visas has sometimes backfired on them.

Plus the fact that EU is largely a welfare state where stagnant job creation makes it hard to find a place in society, and tolerant expression laws let the radicals babble on about killing for quite a while.

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Well actually

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Well in that case how doe ...

With the Israeli Government refusing to return Tax collected from the Palestine's to the new Hamas Government it is the Public Servants and Police who are directly affected.

When this story broke the Australian Broadcasting Corporation had an Interview with a Palestine Policeman who was certain to be paid this month but was uncertain if he would be paid next month or any of the following months for his work. Once they can no longer pay their Police Force things will degenerate into a total farce there.


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Wow! Read this!

by MirrorMirror In reply to Tyranny of the offended

Very telling and chilling. There is something afoot here. Why are the moderate voices being repressed? Journalists jailed for reporting on issues is ridiculous. I know that some people say that the journalists should be responsible with what they are reporting. I think they should be responsible with HOW they are reporting things.

Muslim vs Muslim on this...I wonder where this will go?

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This isn't something overly uncommon

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Wow! Read this!

My sister worked in Saudi for quite awhile a few years ago as a Foreign Nurse at one of the main hospitals.

Over there, there are 2 types of Police the Real Police who are well trained and act accordingly and then you have the Religious Police who are poorly educated know very little about the actual Laws but can act on what they see fit.

One British nurse was approached by a Religious Policeman in the actual hospital confines and told to wear the Berka? not quite sure how you spell that one which she wasn't required to wear in that particular area as it was mainly for foreign workers but that meant nothing to this particular policeman who just had to throw his weight around improperly so in an act of desperation she decked the Religious Cop leaving him unconscious on the ground. She was deported by the end of the day back to Britain.

That is just one example of the stupidity that passes for Law Enforcement there.


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You sister

by MirrorMirror In reply to This isn't something over ...

She decked the guy!?!? Wow, don't make your sister mad, Col. Do you remember when we used to pick sides when we were kids playing a game?...I want your sister on my side!!! I'll take you on my side too, Col.

Actually, she took a huge risk. I'm glad she was only deported. I wonder what that guy told his fellow religious cops about being knocked out by a woman? I bet that guy thinks twice about throwing his religious weight around at foreign women.

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by jdclyde In reply to You sister

I would bet he is worse than ever....

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Missing 2 worst cartoons

by SirLanse In reply to Wow! Read this!

The Times article misses a point.
The mullahs that went on a road trip to whip up
hatred for the cartoons had a couple more made up.
They were not sure that the danish pics would
do the job, so they made up some themselves.
These are the worst ones and have been effective.
Rioting about the destruction of 1000yr old mosque,ok
Rioting about comics printed thousands of miles

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half right

by jdclyde In reply to Missing 2 worst cartoons

rioting stupid. right.

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