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Tyranny of the offended

By MirrorMirror ·
I am looking for understanding, not flames. Seriously. I do not know any Muslims who can explain things to me. My son is putting himself in harms way to help bring freedom to Muslims. I have a serious stake in understanding what is going on.

Muslims around the world are offended by cartoons and are making threats of boycotts and violence. I have been watching this unfold, wondering where it would lead and am very dissapointed at the reaction from the Muslim world.

If the media and the world gives in to the insane Muslim response then we will all have a much more difficult time in the future defending ourselves from anyone else who makes demands because they are "offended". Lots of things offend me, but I know that I cannot go around threatening people and governments over them.

Let me state that I do not believe that the Muslim reaction that is being shown in the media is the norm. However, where are the moderate Muslims denouncing the extremists? Someone, please, give me something to show me that there is reason and tolerance in the Muslim world.

When Pat Robertson stuck his foot in his mouth not too long ago with his insensitive remarks about Ariel Sharon, Christian moderates all over denounced what Robertson said. Is is possible that most Muslims believe that they should kill someone over a CARTOON? Take a look at the signs on Michelle Malkin's site...

I do not understand how Muslims can seriously demand tolerance for themselves but will not tolerate anyone else. That is just plain delusional. All I can say is, support the Danish and anyone else who is not cowering down to threats.

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Kill'em all = win

by neilb@uk In reply to Apparently, you can't und ...

"We lost political support at home"

In WWII there was a goal, something nice and easy to lay before your population - "them or us". In Vietnam and Korea it was less clear-cut "fighting communism" and, eventually, people started asking "what for?". The same will happen with the "fight against terrorism" if it hasn't already.

"Bought the communist left lies" - bollocks. Who are these "communists" and where are they?

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TJ a war without objectives

by mjwx In reply to Apparently, you can't und ...

A war without clear and attainable objectives is impossible to win no matter how many of the enemy you killed. Kill Communism is not a clearly defined objective. JD touched on this in his post above by pointing out the restrictions placed on troops by the government.

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Lost political support

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Apparently, you can't und ...

Indeed you did. The butcher's bill was a vote loser. Without an immediate and aggressive opponent it's very hard for a democracy to prosecute a war.

I like the bought the communist lie bit by the way. Got to agree, some of us are bit poorer than others and it was the only one we could afford.

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The End of the war was inevitable when the US entered WW II

by X-MarCap In reply to Just a small reality chec ...

The best and IMHO the only way for Germany to win in WW II was for the US not to enter it until they had consolidated most/all of Europe. Germany was/is a country with resources less than the state of Texas. When Japan attacked the US Panay on the Yellow river, Hitler literally stopped Von Paulus's advances until he saw what the US would do.

We did nothing. So, Hitler and Japan were emboldened. We then allowed the Chi-Coms to take over China. (Another dumb mistake by politicians.)

The one thing that the British,French,Germans,all lack that the US has in quantity is bountiful natural resources and a population that can make use of them. While Hitler was putting 90% GDP into WWII The US used less than 20% GDP... And many Americans thought that was too much.

We have only fought one war all out. That was the civil war. Many of the greatest advances in warfare in a short time happened then. American's fought harder over state's rights and slavery than we did against the Axis powers. We lost more American men at Gettysburg than in some other wars. The step from Mine ball to brass cartridge and smokeless powder was a huge step... Armored ships and on and on (Barrels or Tanks) High power artillery...

In Charleston, There is what we call Mortars. (it is a fat round short Cannon) I saw one throw a load of shot far out into the Ocean. I have seen European battlefields. European lands had healed after 30 years. Some areas of the South may never really be healed after 140 years. Salt and Mercury poisoning...

Eisenhower wanted to perserve European istory. That was detrimental to "Total" war. Montgomery wouldn't use tanks to roll over resistance in graveyards.

The battle in the South Pacific was waged by MacArthur in a savage and successful manner. There is little doubt that had MacArther gotten supplied as well as Eisenhower, There wouldn't have been any resistance left in Asia before Eisenhower had even finished his war plans. Then The Germans would have faced Mac and the Russians in the East, with the Indians, Aussies and the rest of the world. We would have crushed Hitler. I am sure he'd have sued for peace very early on. Maybe I am overly impressed with Marines and The Southwest Pacific actions, but I have long thought that With the Selection of George Marshall to the Joint Chiefs of staff, and Eisenhower to European theatre commander FDR made so many horrid mistakes that it is a miracle WWII was ever won by the allies.

Another thing about Americans is that we aren't predictable. We retreated from Shanghai and China, but fought for every inch of the Philippines. I occasionally still thank God for both Douglas MacArthur, and Wendell Fertig.

Fertig was a highly decorated West Pointer who led Americans to resist and drive the Japanese out of Mindano. OOPS, scratch that. Fertic was a Civil Engineer, who fought back and went from a Lieutenant, was eventually promoted to Lt. Colonel, USAR and appointed himself Brigadier General and led troops so well that he was later recognized by the Green Berets. He drove the Japanese army off Mindano. He also had a military band to welcome Mac back to the Philippines.

The last point is Americans know we can fight. We just don't know if we will. That is the saddest part.We have the power and ability to stop terrorism...

Do we have the will? Politically and personally?

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This was not the subject of your original post

by neilb@uk In reply to The End of the war was in ...

"The US has a habit of going to war way too late." It is still my opinion that you entered WWII at, luckily, absolutely the correct time for the outcome that we had.

Any attempts by the US to land in Europe before you were fully geared up would have resulted in a crushing defeat. The British Army, undertrained as any 1939/40 American Expeditionary Force would have been, was a packed lunch for the Wermacht which was, as you said, from a country fully geared for war. In 1939, Hitler had not opened the Eastern Front. Had you attempted some form of attack in Poland, you may well have brought the Russians in on the side of Hitler although, even had that happened, it wouldn't have lasted. Probably.

Anyway, it is certain that public opinion at home would have turned viciously against the political masters who took you into the war at such an early stage and engineered the defeat and you may have withdrawn into even greater isolationism that was apparent in 1939.

I would still dispute that you can stop terrorism. Anything that you do with your undeniable "power and ability" will likely make it worse!


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TJ the war was over for germany

by mjwx In reply to The End of the war was in ...

When Hitler declared war on Russia. The US just ensured that Western Europe ended up free. Without the US continental Europe would be entirely Russian instead of half Russian. When the US entered the war, After El Alamein Rommel was in full retreat across North Africa and running out of fuel thanks to the royal navy?s submarine corp. Hitler had called a stop to the daylight raids on England, effectively conceding defeat in the battle of Brittan. Australian and dominion forces in the pacific were managing to slow the Japanese advance which would have stopped anyway as they were running out of oil. At the time however the then considerable Japanese navy was steaming eastwards towards the US because they needed oil that the US were denying them. If the US stayed out of the war Russia would own continental Europe and if Japan stayed out the US never would have entered.

WW II was fought in two halves, the first by British and dominion forces, the second by the US and her allies backed by US industrial might.

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We didn't win they lost

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to The End of the war was in ...

Hilter breaking his treaty with Russia
Hitler backing the japanese
Attacking american shipping.
Hitler's belief in existing german miltary might translating to defeating russia before winter set in.
If he'd have left it to his generals, I'd be goose stepping to work. Fortunately he couldn't win a game of risk with ten dice.

As for the japanese, what did they get out of Pearl Harbour ? When they invaded china they should have picked up a few copies of the 'Art Of War'. That's got to be one of the dumbest strategic decisions ever made.

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We needed to start after terrorists along time ago.

by X-MarCap In reply to The US has a habit of goi ...

Neil, we could have kicked the Nazis back to Germany earlier. What we did was put the best general in a theatre and not supply him. (MacArthur) Then, we let Montgomery be a field commander. (Really dumb he wasn't a good combat commander. Sandhurst sand tables prove that Montgomery consistantly made the worst of all choices...)

Then, we appoint George Marshall be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.(His endorsements and performance appraisals said he shouldn't be more than a company commander, but he was a friend of a President) MacArthur with the resources that Eisenhower had would have eliminated Germany's military by 1943... If MacArthur could've been let alone by Truman, China wouldn't have been communist, and they would've been calling him the Viceroy also as did Japan...

Next the Terrorists had been given a pass during Clinton's Presidency. If he had done his job, this President wouldn't have had to deal with this mess...


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given a pass

by JamesG In reply to We needed to start after ...

Ah, more revisionist claptrap nonsense from the Wing Nut Brigade. Can't you pukes ever accept the truth? Are do you prefer sucking up the lies of our Great Leader, Chickenshit AWOL George? A yankee elite pansy, not a "cowboy", there ain't no fuckin' cattle on that "ranch", in case you didn't know, dipshit. Now shut up and go kill a terrorist.

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JamesG - Is your other name. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to given a pass

.....underage or River Freight?

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