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Ubuntu vs. Everyone else

By Johnson.Charles.C ·
My current paramour is Ubuntu Linux. I have been with them since the Dapper Drake release. I have to say that I am a big fan and and becoming downright evangelistic about it.
I wont take the point of bashing everything else out there to justify my own. I have used several variants along the path to now and have to say as time goes by I am both pleased and impressed with the efforts of all those clamoring to make their distro the king of the desktop.
I first put Ubuntu on my Sony Vaio laptop and used it for about a day, before my girlfriend asked to borrow it for school. Like me she is a procrastinator, and had waited till the last min to ask. Meaning I didn't have time to do the 4 hour reinstall of Windows-office-patches.
Issues? Problems? This neonate user, this blissfully ignorant windows novice had none. Aside from telling Open Office to "Save as ...". She was able to use and navigate the Network, Internet, and file system with minimal questions and those relegated to simple howtos.
Imagine my surprise when I find out she is now using it to manager her mp3 player, downloading files, and generally doing the things expected of a pc owner.
So here's the crux, could I have done this with another distro (excluding a windows answer)? Have we reached the point where Linux is "that good"? Or is this a case of a user with no expectations and therefore everything is a plus?
For the past year she has used it and I am only aware of one real "problem": the system wasn't shutdown properly and had to run "fsck" in Maint-mode. Which was straight forward, as i just held down the "y" key. One problem? I would be out of a job here if that were the case...

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me too

by jck In reply to Ubuntu vs. Everyone else

I like *buntu distros.

I'm debating on whether to wrestle with putting other distros on my other boxes...or just going to Kubuntu that I know works like a champ.

I'm with you there man...Ubuntu and it's cousins are all winners to me.

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so obviously

by Dr Dij In reply to me too

it fixes problems with sound cards not working I see in discussions about Linux, since she was using it for mp3 player?

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Try PCLinuxOS...

by johnson12 In reply to so obviously

PCLinuxOS, is really an easy one to use. It is KDE based but they have a Gnome version in the works. HW recognition is great, and it is really user friendly. It uses synaptic as an aptget front end, and the forums are really helpful.

The current stable is .93 but 2007 should be final in a short time. I have been testing the rc's and tr3 is as stable as most commercial distros. I can't say enough good things about this one. I highly recommend it.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Try PCLinuxOS...

I played with it a bit more for other things. PCLinuxOS is becoming more of a favorite of mine as well. However, I did not use Kubuntu very long so I cannot compare the 2 distros.

An interesting thing that I found out yesterday. Beryl, which is not supposed to work properly on ATI cards, seems to be working well with PCLinuxOS. I accidentally clicked on it, the screen flashed for a moment, and then while moving windows around I noticed that it was functioning.
I cannot say how stable it is right now, but I have not had any problems with it yet (including flipping to other desktops). Notes online suggest that with ATI cards, it either does not work, or works very slowly. Not in this case, it is just as fast as without it. And the best part, I did NOT have to edit driver files, etc..

This post was posted using PCLinuxOS 2007 Beta3

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Ubuntu's Cool, I don't know about Kubuntu 7.04

by Oktet In reply to me too

I still have to figure out how to get the Kaffeine Player to play a regular encrypted DVD movie on Kubuntu 7.04, while Ubuntu is a simple update, and Totem starts to play DVD movies (encrypted and unencrypted).

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Most Linux systems need extra codics to run

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Ubuntu's Cool, I don't kn ...

proprietary movies, this is due to the security laws etc as part of DRM and that lot.

the Unbuntu web site should have some directions about how you get these codices - if not just check the Kaffeine web site, etc.

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I think I've gone one better, I tried and like Ubuntu

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Ubuntu vs. Everyone else

except the Gnome desktop, tried to get Kubuntu to work, but it still relied heavily on the Gnome libraries. Once I removed all the Gnome libraries, much of the system wouldn't work.

I found two issues with Ubuntu I didn't like:

1. The password for the Superuser was the same as the general password,

2. Some of the functions I often used in file and disk management were harder to get at and use.

I tried SimplyMEPIS, and went out and bought SimplyMEPIS 6. It has all the advantages of Ubuntu, even uses some of the same repositories, but has a nicer (in my view) desktop, and slightly stronger security.

I recently tried the latest Ubuntu release and went back to SimplyMEPIS 6, just a cleaner working environment for me. And a few friends who don't know anything but Windows 98, have tried it and find it easy to switch over to,

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gnome libraries

by shryko In reply to I think I've gone one bet ...

it's not the desktop itself which is relying on the gnome libraries in Kubuntu... it's all the applications.

I personally have found that Kubuntu Dapper was a great fit for drop-in replacement of Windows, and I see no reason why I should limit myself to just the KDE libraries... I personally prefer Firefox over Konqueror, so, I kept the GTK libraries around...

they're not *that* much extra space, and as far as drop in replacements go, Kubuntu is the winner as far as every distro I've tried...

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I may be using the wrong terms, I'm not Linux Guru

by Deadly Ernest In reply to gnome libraries

But in both Ubuntu and SimplyMEPIS you can use Synaptic Package Manager (SPM), or an application called Add/Remove Programs (ARP).

In ARP you have the choice to have it show you Gnome based applications or KDE based applications, it will even tell you if one is used by both or has shared libraries. I found with Kubuntu, some of the default loaded applications were Gnome based I used ARP to remove them, after making sure I had a suitable KDE replacement for anything I still wanted to be able to do. I also removed applications I don't use. I do this as I have a slow dial up, and one of the options in SPM is to sort by status, so when it does a package update, it tells me only the updates for the stuff that's installed. No need to download updates for things I don't use.

Anyway, using ARP I mark all the Gnome based applications for removal, it asks about shared stuff, which are then deselected. Once I ran ARP in Kubuntu, some things didn't work so well. This left me feeling that Ubuntu is built as a Gnome system and Kubuntu has a KDE overlay on it, as some of the Gnome applications or libraries seem to be important to the core system. I trusted the programmer sof the applications to know what they were doing when they programmed it.

SimplyMEPIS seems to be built as a KDE system from scratch. The main thing for me was the easier access for the file and disk utilities, and the tighter security.

In the last few eeks, I tried the latest version of KDE from the Linux Format magazine, and couldn't even get it to install and run properly. It had an issue with my 22" wide monitor and my Nvidea 7600 series graphic card.

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sometimes it's better to stick with the distro's repositories

by Neon Samurai In reply to I may be using the wrong ...

Mind you, the last time it really stung me was on a Red Hat box long ago. I had the RH distro install plus a bunch of roll-your-own compiles. These days I just stick to what the distrobutions package manager offers unless it's something I really have to have and can run from my user or root's ~/bin directory.

I'd like to run the latest or KDE release but I'll stay away from them until they come in through my package mager's updates.

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