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Ubuntu, what do you think?

By ipeters61 ·
Ubuntu has become the most popular Linux distribution in the world, I want to know your opinion about it. I hate it, in my personal opinion, Ubuntu isn't Linux. Unbuntu is crap, it is too easy, therefore, it isn't Linux. Linux is meant to be hard to use. Dell has made it too widespread to the point where the true reason why Linux is secure (because so few people use it), more people will have a reason to hack it.

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For the sake of my head, don't anybody respond.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Ubuntu, what do you think ...

There's more trolling here than a fishing tournament.

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Dude, it's a discussion

by ipeters61 In reply to For the sake of my head, ...

Discussions are for general speaking, OK?!

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few and far between

by jdclyde In reply to For the sake of my head, ...

A few people rose to the bait, but not many.

He didn't put enough thought into his intentional flame-bait to get this to become a full-fledged OS religion war. Thank goodness some trolls are less skilled in conversations than others.

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Poor points

by iainwrig In reply to Ubuntu, what do you think ...

Just becuase something is easy does not mean is no longer useful, it is quite the opposite. Ubuntu's goal is not to make an OS that runs without a window manager and uses only terminal...They want a widespread, widely supported, friendly operating system so people don't have to give into buying winblows. They have definately accomplished that. Frankly people dont have time to hack at terminal for hours because they want to accomplish a simple task, that is where linux has failed previously. Ubuntu has evolved into something (more) useable by the general public which is a huge leap forward, I am quite positive the open source community is embracing this change and looking to continue growing its market share. I have a feeling the Founder of Ubuntu has thought about what security practices/measures need to be in place, it's not like 1 million users (or whatever it is)who contribute are going to forget about locking down the OS.

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Wow, and I don't care...

by ipeters61 In reply to Poor points

I don't get why people can't just buy a Mac, it doesn't crash, leave Linux to geeks. Think what you want about Ubuntu, guess what my favorite distribution is... Fedora Core.

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by bradgalliford In reply to Wow, and I don't care...

people done want to BUY their OS..

Thats the whole point!

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by ipeters61 In reply to $$$$

Why make Linux easy, it should only be for geeks!

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Gods, I hate myself already.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to And......

Why shouldn't Linux be easy?

Why should it be only for geeks?

What can you do in Fedora that someone else can't do with Ubuntu?

There are many Linux professionals here who apparently haven't found this discussion yet. I know several who would say Fedora and SUSE are sacrificing processor cycles to run the Gnome or K GUI desktops. According to them, true geeks operate only from the command line, and roll their own distributions from scratch when they bother to run Linux instead of BSD.

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Why?.. Again

by ipeters61 In reply to Gods, I hate myself alrea ...

Linux was written for programmers to use the command line more often. In Fedora, you have access to the frigging command line and a root account that actually has a point to be used (the command line). Heck, I use the command line more on my Mac OS X 10.3 G3 than the GUI.

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oh, smack the big P time

by jdclyde In reply to Gods, I hate myself alrea ...

Silly boy, trying to logically explain a point against a troll. When will you learn?

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