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Uh-oh! Q&A bug.........

By hippiekarl ·
Tags: Off Topic
My answer to the posted-yesterday question about 'computer slowdown' got cut in two, and only the second half posted (3 times). I just left a mess over there trying to get the first half to show up. When I clicked 'edit' each time to attempt to reinsert the missing text, IT WAS THERE, but as soon as I hit 'submit', it posted without it again. You have the missing text, but it just won't commit to the page. I even tried choosing a generic synonym for 'YouTube' (which I'd mentioned as a cache-hog) in case that was causing a 'spam-alarm' or something, but no go.
Has this happened to anyone else answering a question in the last day? HAL 9000? wizard57? (I know you two get to most of them first)....

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Thanks Karl!

by tcavadias Staff In reply to For the first time in a f ...

Several of our scripts are cached (hence why the hard refresh - or just clear your cache)

Glad to hear all is back to normal.. or as normal as it can get :-)

-Tammy [_]3

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While you're here Tammy (or golampo)

by AnsuGisalas In reply to For the first time in a f ...

How about fixing the script for the "Top 3 users", pretty please?... It hasn't refreshed in over a month... which normally would be fine, but it froze up with a spammer at #2, which is annoying.

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Well actually

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to For the first time in a f ...

It's not so much the spammer at #2 but AnsuGisalas @ #1 which is the problem.

Apparently he's tired of getting lots of Peer Mail asking him how to fix things from complete strangers and it's driving him crazy.

OH and BTW AnsuGisalas I hope you've read your TR Community Central Newsletter this week. If you haven't you best hurry up. :0


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The problem is server-side

by AnsuGisalas In reply to For the first time in a f ...

You see, the code to prevent people from PMing me takes up a lot of resources whenever someone tries... so all the people who want me to set up a bank account for their millions are really slowing down the system... think of all the money I could've had, eh?
But thanks for the headsup! Yoink!

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A month?!

by hippiekarl In reply to For the first time in a f ...

I think the spammer's been there since June or July, at least. That's about the time I started participating here regularly, and that name in #2 seems like part of the landscape of TR to me (though I never noticed his by-line on a post in that time).......

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People with no sense of the present

by AnsuGisalas In reply to For the first time in a f ...

have really really long months
You're probably right... that spammer was prolific, bot-style, for a week or so. Since then, nothing.
So the counter seems to be broken.

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As for the spammer at #2, that is not the only violation

by Michael Jay In reply to For the first time in a f ...

Seems there is a bunch of them stuck in place that I would think should be gone by now, just made a list, with their positions in case anyone is interested;

02 yarinsiz
14 birumut
27 lesterking214
30 pama10
34 sherel28
36 deckeberr
43 ecolleapierr
46 julietNguyen
47 ntnl2011
49 hstorferyenru
50 shantelle1109
55 onrory
59 fgyuhydfg
66 hama10
68 a11517329
70 reillyroberto
74 fgjgfjgdfhf
76 victoria24031987
81 zhangttt
82 alice999
85 nikhilsky
87 ealledwa
88 runeklan
90 popodo

Spammers should not be listed as "Rock Stars"

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By all means...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to For the first time in a f ...

let's keep the rock stars and the suck sters apart!

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Happened to me as well here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Uh-oh! Q&A bug.........;discussion-table

The entire post disappeared when I clicked on the link to submit. I can however post here without a problem.


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Poof and it appears...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to Happened to me as well he ...


yours was not displaying as you used a in your comment. and are banned (too many spammers use them, so I have told our filter to not allow them through - sorry)

-Tammy [_]3

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