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Uh-oh! Q&A bug.........

By hippiekarl ·
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My answer to the posted-yesterday question about 'computer slowdown' got cut in two, and only the second half posted (3 times). I just left a mess over there trying to get the first half to show up. When I clicked 'edit' each time to attempt to reinsert the missing text, IT WAS THERE, but as soon as I hit 'submit', it posted without it again. You have the missing text, but it just won't commit to the page. I even tried choosing a generic synonym for 'YouTube' (which I'd mentioned as a cache-hog) in case that was causing a 'spam-alarm' or something, but no go.
Has this happened to anyone else answering a question in the last day? HAL 9000? wizard57? (I know you two get to most of them first)....

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Poof and it appears...

Way too many Spammers use URL's to begin with so does that mean no more URL in Answers to Questions?

OH OH OH I have a great link to Cheap Mink Coats and Harley Motor Cycles would you like me to post it here? :^0

But I'll post the Long thing from now on and just hope that TR doesn't start breaking them again.


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Mayhaps, longer url's are the way to go

by Michael Jay In reply to Taminkins

check this;

No it does not support such a Huge one, tried hugeing the link to this post and it did not work so good. Rats.

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to Mayhaps, longer url's are ...

somehow it seems overcompensatish

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yes please...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to Taminkins

you can use this url:

-Tammy [_]3

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The Newest Hardly a Devision

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to yes please...

Come with Mink Covered Seats so the people at PETA People Eating Tasty Animals think that it's great.

They saw a new British Series on TV called Kill It Cut It and Use It.

OH and here's the newest Hardly a Davision just for you Taminkins.

It's currently incomplete as the Streamers in the end of the Handle Bars are not fitted or any of the other Gaudy bits that the Yanks like so much. So it's in AU guise. But on the up side it accelerates well to it's top speed and is very "Green" it currently gives over 312 Miles per US Gallon so it's not only very green it's very cheap to run.

OH and in case you are wondering the Critter was died Purple before it was killed and skinned hence the seat color. Or maybe it just died as it was being altered to the Purple Color as it may have drowned in the process. :^0

Back in the older days HD bought out Aerchmachi to get a small Italian Bike and then did away with it now that have bought into the Chinese Operation and here is their new 2 Stroke offering. The HD Stickers are currently still in design to fit the leaking fuel tank. They have to be specially made so they don't peel off.

Other than that I've finished all Development on this New HD unit. I'm supplying HD with these at $1,200.00 per unit and the current projected price to US Citizens in the USA is $45,324.98 so a good profit is to be made by all.


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Sorry Taminkins Me Bad

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to The Newest Hardly a Devis ...

How many do you want me to setup for you and forward to you via HD?

I'm taking orders now but there may be a slight delay after all 50 year old Dragster Frames are a bit hard to come by and as they are not being made any more it's a slow process.

But at least the chrome stands up much better than the current crop of HD offerings.


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The latest on 'Stuff':

by hippiekarl In reply to Uh-oh! Q&A bug.........

Now that the restart/hard refresh 'fix' is known, I just atttempted to look back further than the first page of my comments (page 1 goes back to about Oct. 25), and none of them are showing. It claims 6 pages of comment titles, but will only display the most recent pagefull.

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What happens if you look

by Michael Jay In reply to The latest on 'Stuff':
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It goes to my My Stuff,

by hippiekarl In reply to What happens if you look

defaulted to the tab 'discussions', claims 299 messages...and shows none of them. That's been my problem; 'hard refresh' doesn't help, but rebooting and re-signing in brings up the first page (of 6) only....Now I'm going to try just closing and re-opening browser (IE9).

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Get Firefox

by Michael Jay In reply to It goes to my My Stuff,

loaded, see if that will clear the issues.

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