Unable to add network printer to Vista Business computer

By drspuds ·
We run a Server 2003 domain with 16 computers. All machines are XP Pro. except the newest addition which is a Vista Business edition machine.

Attached to a USB port on the Server 2003 is a Brother MFC 8820D multi-function printer which is shared and has the latest drivers.

Here's the problem: When I try to "Add a printer" on the Vista machine, the shared printer on the Server comes up as a valid choice, however, when I actually try to add it, I get an error message stating that it cannot be added because "the port is unknown".

If I attach the printer directly to the Vista machine's USB port, the drivers install automatically, and the printer works great.

I can't run the printer by sharing it from the Vista machine, it realy needs to continue running from the Server, for logistical purposes.

I have tried to add this printer to the Vista machine, while attached to the Server, using every conceivable methods.... all to no avail.

I have searched for a meaning to the error message "The port is unknown", again to no avail.

Thank you all in advance for any assistance.

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Hope this helps!

by squirrelking In reply to Unable to add network pri ...

I was having your exact same problem and I found this solution on some small wi-fi forum so now I'm posting everywhere that I can.

- On Vista PC go to "Control Panel" - "Printers" - "Add printer".
- Believe or not, click "Add a local printer" (I know you want to add a network printer but that way it doesn't work).
- Click "Create a new port" - "Local Port" - "Next"
- In the next box you have to enter a port name like this:
\\PC name\Printer name
where "PC name" is the network name of the XP PC or Network Share where you have the printer and "Printer name" is the network name of that printer. Be careful with this names. Check in your XP PC "Control Panel" - "Printers and faxes" - "your printer" - right click - "share" - "share resources name"
- Choose the manufacturer and printer model of the printer you are adding.
- Now the printer will be added and you can print a test page or print something to test it.

Hope it helps until MS fixes it!

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by n_taguba In reply to Hope this helps!

My failure was a bit different... Do not have permission to add printer... when tried to add the detected network printer. This method worked for me on that issue as well. Thanks!

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Thankyou! :-D

by djnidorf In reply to Hope this helps!

Just signed up to thank you for your help - I had the "server does not have printer driver installed" issue and this solved it, for a vista 64 PC connecting to a HP Laserjet 1200 printer that was hooked into a network through an XP pro machine.

Thanks again, it's great when the internet is a supportive environment :)

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OMG thank you!

by grrltechie In reply to Hope this helps!

I know this is an old post but thank you!!!! I spent 2.5 hours on a Saturday callback trying to get a Vista machine (the only one in my whole hospital) to print. This worked the first time I tried.

I've used this install method before but it never dawned on me to try it this time. You are a genius :)

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