Unable to show EXE file extension

By thong_cheekang ·
Dear all,

My laptop is installed with win xp and I have a strange problem: I wanted to rename an executable (.EXE) file into another file extension, but I can't get it done!

I understand the usual thing to do is to first go to Windows Explorer, click on menu entry "Folder Option". Then, under "View", we are to unclick "Hide extension for known filetypes", so as to reveal the extension for renaming.

However, for my case, some other types of file extensions appeared but not .EXE!

I understand the next step is to go to the tab "File types" and try to modify the file type behaviour from there. However, the file type ".EXE" is not even there for modification!

Does anyone has any idea why my laptop is behaving like this and any solution?

Thanks and Best Regards

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Check this link

by Jacky Howe In reply to didn't work for my laptop**1990

Edit: missed a bit

Location of tdssserv.sys and Associated Malware

Did you have system restore turned off and run the scans in Safe Mode.

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by thong_cheekang In reply to Check this link

Hi Jacky Howe,

I didn't find tdsserv.sys in the stated directory. Anyway, I still run the exterminate-it test as stated - no malware turned up.

Thanks and Best Regards
Thong CK

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If I am reading this right ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Unable to show EXE file e ...

You unchecked the "Hide extension for known filetypes" - expecting to find an EXE file but got a file with a different extension.

Is this right?

In which case, what file were you expecting to have an EXE hanging off the end of it?

By the way - You never have EXE showing up in Filetypes.

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by seanferd In reply to If I am reading this righ ...

You don't associate EXE. It is a self-executing file.

I wonder if the file is actually an EXE to begin with.

If we look in other directories with EXE files in them, does the extension show there?

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Unable to show EXE file extension

by thong_cheekang In reply to Unable to show EXE file e ...

Dear all,

Thank you for your replies.

After receiving your suggestions, I installed Malwarebytes, Adaware, Spybot S&D, Norton antivirus and run scans in safe mode.

Malwarebytes and adaware did turned up a few minor bugs, while the rest declare my laptop clean.

However, EXE file extension still won't turn up.

I further searched the web for solution, and one possible cause suggested seemed to be that some virus or malware have modified the registry before they were deleted.

Anyone has any experience in this respect?

Thanks and Best Regards
Thong CK

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Reg change should not remove ext from filename

by seanferd In reply to Unable to show EXE file e ...

so you may have to add that extension manually to all suspected EXE files.

There is a fix, however, for EXE files that will not execute when double-clicked.
"EXE File Association Fix (Restore default association for EXE files)"
link on this page.

Perhaps the malware renamed your files. There is one out there, for sure, that changes various media file extensions, so it would not surprise me.

Do you happen to have the names of the malware removed? We could find out the symptoms and effects from the malware names.

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not file association problem

by thong_cheekang In reply to Reg change should not rem ...

Hi seanferd,

My problem is not really file association. EXE files does execute when double-clicked. It is just that I can't see the file extension on Windows explorer, no matter what I do.

That is frustrating if you want to rename the file into a different type (like to send files over restrictive email service, etc)

Thanks and Best Regards
Thong CK

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Did you read all the posts?

by seanferd In reply to not file association prob ...

Jacky had a link for the EXE extension damaged by virus.

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Say, can you open a cmd prompt

by seanferd In reply to Unable to show EXE file e ...

and navigate to a folder containing EXE files, then do a DIR /P or ATTRIB on that directory to see if the extensions show there?

If you go back and look at "Hide extensions of known file types", is it still checked, or does it uncheck itself?

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cmd prompt test

by thong_cheekang In reply to Say, can you open a cmd p ...

Hi Seanferd,

At cmd prompt, I can see the extension.

Going back, the "Hide extensions of known file types" is still unchecked (Did I mentioned that it has all the while been unchecked?).

Best Regards
Thong CK

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