Undelivered email to wrong address

By Healer ·
A friend of mine keeps getting notices of undelivered emails saying he has sent emails to people with the wrong email addresses. Certainly he is not doing it. He doens't recognize any of those email addresses.

Somebody somehow has got his email address and is using it to spam other people? What could be the source of the problem? Could it indicate there is spyware in his computer system? How can we prevent this from happening and how can we stop it now?

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You can, but it's difficult

by LocoLobo In reply to The problem is

When we first set up our new Exchange Server 3 yrs ago, some of our users got email from an ISP service saying exactly that.

We didn't open the emails. Instead we sent test emails to accounts of people we knew using that ISP and verified they weren't receiving mail from us. Then we called the ISP to notify them of this. It took a couple of days to get ahold of somebody.

For some reason our new email server had been tagged by their servers as "unreliable". The person I talked to fixed this but warned me they would be "watching" us. Que Sera. Since then the ONLY such notices we have received are fakes.

BTW: Oh Smeg has a good idea. You don't do this with all your email, just the suspicious ones.

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I get the same.

by Kenogami In reply to Undelivered email to wron ...

Are you using MSN and hotmail? If so, Microsoft has failed to implement or activate the blocking in their system. I think that once you block an un-wanted E-mail, It should be blocked, not even go into your junk mail. Only my opinion! But go figure, you can never delete your information from FaceBook.

P.S. all illegal WEB sites collect and sell your information.
Beware of any videos that want you to download a new codex version. This is a scam. DON'T GO NEAR IT @#@#@#@#
Done it, regret it.

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Optus mail

by Healer In reply to I get the same.

It is an email account with Optus, a company in Australia dealing with connection for telephones, mobiles/cell phones, Internet broadband and so on.

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Optus seems to have been hit recently

by OH Smeg In reply to Optus mail

I'm getting a lot of Spam now on a Optus Account that I don't use. It's the Master Optus Address for this Account and I only receive notices from Optus about my Net Usage and adds about new announcements like 100 MBS Connections.

Lately I've got a lot of Spam into this account and it's growing if that means anything.


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Unless he dumps the provider

by Healer In reply to Optus seems to have been ...

My friend's account is also the primary Optus email account so he can't dumpt it unless he dumps the provider. I have been advising him to use GMail or someting similar instead of getting tied up with one's ISP.

Is your SPAM similar to what my friend has got.

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No I'm just getting the normal

by OH Smeg In reply to Unless he dumps the provi ...

Run of the mill type spam Pharmacopeias from the US, Student Loans and that type of thing.

OH and Readers Digest which is a constant nuisance.


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Switching will not serve to avoid spoofing.

by deepsand In reply to Unless he dumps the provi ...

Spoofing neither knows nor requires favorites.

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Overwhelming prevailing cause is SPOOFING

by deepsand In reply to Undelivered email to wron ...

SMTP provides no mechanism for authenticating the Sender of an e-mail, making it easy to impersonate another by forging the Sender's address.

This is commonly known as spoofing.

There is nothing that you can do to stop it.

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