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By Blackcurrant ·

Here's a strange one...

One of the machines attached to our network (CAT5 cables, RJ45 connectors, TCP/IP, all machines connect via a hub), is a 486 running Win3.11 (Windows for Workgroups - 10 years old and still going strong!!). We use this machine for software that cannot be used on any later Windows version, and we also use it for digitizing drawings using an old version of one of our CAD packages.

After the drawings have been digitized we use WinFile (Windows file manager - the grandaddy of My Computer), to copy the drawings to our server (Dell Poweredge running Win2K Server and Small Business Server 2000). The files are copied into a shared folder. Now, viewing this location from the Win3.11 Winfile program we can see several files which have not been copied there. All the digitized drawing files are named using the 8.3 file format and generally follow the pattern - LHF4Pxxx.dc2 where xxx is the number of the drawing. However, the shared folder contains the dc2 files plus others named LHDAE5~1.dc2 etc. I created the shared folder yesterday and I know that no other data has been copied there.

When the same location is viewed from a Win98 machine these LHD files are not visible (My Computer is set to show all hidden files and folders). I even opened My Computer on the server and configured it to show hidden and system files, and these LHD files are still not visible. I have been able to use WinFile to copy one of these files from the shared folder on the server to my own computer and have also been able to open it up where it displays as a normal CAD drawing.

Does anyone know what is happening here?

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