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Unfair Incentive Pay

By larrywpace ·
My company I work for (financial institution) has just rolled out an incentive based pay scale for the VP's and Managers of the different branches. Basically, if the loans grow, deposits grow, expenses go down and etc. etc. etc. they get the chance of an additional $500. added to their monthly paycheck on the next 15th of the month after the month end. The CEO told me this week that the IT department basically gets a $300.00 a month budget to buy any toy, software, or device that they want, based on reports being delivered on time, and up time. I find this extremely unfair, Everyone else gets cash and me and my department get a shared $300 pot. I'm wondering how other IT departments get incentive or bonus pay. After all, We support everyone at all offices/branches and keep their systems online and internet up and they get cash and we get nothing. I'm working on a better plan for the CEO/CFO to tell them that we want a slice of the pie also. What is your plan for incentive for IT people? What are the measureable ways that your able to incent your back office people. is it uptime, time to resolve issues, expenses, project work? Thanks for input.

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Be careful with your moves

by Gast?n Nusimovich In reply to Unfair Incentive Pay

In an era where most businesses outsource their IT departments, you should be very careful with your moves.

It seems like your CFO and your CEO don't see your department as "strategic" to the company, if we have to speak our mind on how to gauge such a meager piece of the action.

If you put it in terms of "we also deserve such and such amount of money", they will only see cost, not value.

You should first and foremost put the focus on value to the company and the business coming from IT, both present value and future value.

Once you conquer that first goal, you could speak about "investments", once again, in terms of competitive advantage, value and ROI, but never costs.

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Rule One that.

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Be careful with your move ...

Never mention cost and IT in the same sentence unless you contribute to profit with revenue.

Accountants will have sharpened pencils at the ready before you've moved from I to T.

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Perfect type of incentive plan of IT

by frobaby In reply to Unfair Incentive Pay

We use this comapny for a peer-to-peer incentive plan - EXCELLENT STUFF!

Works perfect for our internal IT and help desk departments. What it does is allow people to award each other points for helping out in whatever way. Then you cash in your points online for gifts - I got myself a nice LCD monitor a little while ago.

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IT doesn't contibute?

by jim.baker In reply to Unfair Incentive Pay

you alot of the post here I see some saying that IT doesn't contribute to the bottom line of a company. I disagree...if it does what the are hired to do, that is keep people working, They do contribute in that as long as we do our jobs there is little or no down time. in other words no lost man hours. Also , (At least I do this) I look for ways for and means for people to do use the tools provided to them by IT more efficiently...meaning they get more done in less time all of which contributes to the bottom line.

the main problem is this, in most companuies, especially sales based ones, the management are looking for instant gratification.. the make a sale..they get the goes in the bank... bingo..instant gratification...instant showable results

where as in IT most of the results can't be shown takes keeping metrics and stats...running reports etc etc... and most of the savings that ypu may have had want be seen till the end of the year when the look at the profit margins...

so..why shouldn't we get incentives or bonuses along with every one else....?

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Where do you stop?

by rkendsley In reply to IT doesn't contibute?

The janitor contributes too.... does s/he get a bonus also? What about the people in the mail room? Can't do your job if the trash cans are overflowing and no mail gets delivered. Where do you stop? Just accept that IT is not usually a profit center. Listen to Oz_Media, he nailed it. You made your choice.... suck it up or change jobs.

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IT does contribute but

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to IT doesn't contibute?

unless you are in the business of selling IT, it's very hard to say how much of a contribution it is.
So when dealing with the bean counters never talk in their terms. They'll make you a cost, depreciate you and then write you off.

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Booo hoooo

by dafe2 In reply to Unfair Incentive Pay

You have to remember that the Management & sales staff are the ones that keep the business going.

They keep the money coming in & you SUPPORT that activity.

It's really that simple.

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Look at implementing SLM

by Hockeyist In reply to Unfair Incentive Pay

If you don't have it in place look at implementing service level management. Meet with your CEO/CFO and let them know that you will implement a service improvement plan and need their support.
You should be able to gain better rewards for improved services if your SLA's are fair.

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no reason not to get incentive pay

by TechniquePhreak In reply to Unfair Incentive Pay

My company gives incentive pay to IT staff for many different reasons. One of the biggest is finding ways to reduce overhead through imlementing more usr-friendly systems and increasing enhancing performance. Another is a $1500 quarterly bonus for 99.99% uptime. I disagree with all you folks who don't think non-sales staff should get incentive pay. I have personally never met someone in our field who didn't. You must be working for the wrong firms.

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