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Unfair Reprimand

By MMarble ·
This rant is along the same lines of ?How to convince users to use their computers only for business related work?. Every few months or so I send out three mass emails: 1) Instructions for contacting the helpdesk. 2) A copy of the official acceptable usage policy and 3) A BSA handout explaining software piracy. I do this for the benefit of new employees and perhaps a few workers that need a reminder. I just got verbally reprimanded for doing so. Apparently a lot of users got angry about it this particular time and complained to the manager. I?m pretty p*ssed off myself. I don?t expect to be reprimanded for doing my job and I?m confused about the double message. On one hand they want to hold users accountable for following the policies, but on the other hand users are allowed to complain (and criticize IT) if the policy is articulated to them. The emails are worded exactly the same way in their employee manuals and new user handouts. I?ve been doing this for the past four years. What did I do wrong?

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Different method

by bgrundy In reply to Thanks for the replies

I say that you sent out the emails every 4 months becuase of staff turnover.
Why don't you add a once only script on all new staff when they first logon to the system, they have to click 'agree' on a button that says that that they have read and understood the company rules etc. They must do this before they are allowed to continue.

A log is kept of all staff who have read and understood the rules. This can then be used if staff do not abide by them.

The same script could be used to all staff once a year or a single email sent out.

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Sync up your efforts

by MichaelPO In reply to Thanks for the replies

Sounds to me like you are trying to police activity without having the right people behind you. I suggest getting with your manager and trying to get an agreement with IT, Business, and HR as to how the message needs to be delivered, under whose signature and how often.

Your heart is in the right place, but it is not your football.

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Understanding Your Job

by d.j.elliott In reply to Thanks for the replies

Some of the activity you describe falls under someone else's responsibility. If someone has the time to waste on non-job related activities it is not your problem, it is his/her managers. I doubt if you would be blamed for the acts of others. If you are this bothered, then discuss adding a firewall that blocks non-business web sites, add login features to the printers, and use email add-ons that monitor emails for 'bad' words. When we added software to review email, we had HR come up with the list of 'bad' words and 'bad' emails were forwarded to HR to deal with. I'd advise you stay out of the police business, as much as you can.

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In House Spam?

by Jcritch In reply to Unfair Reprimand

Sending the notices out every few months only diminished the impact of those policies. In fact, I believe your approach impacted the whole Information Systems team. I fault your manager for not putting a stop to this sooner. What you do not explain is why you felt compelled to do this. I am surprised your reprimand did not occur earlier.

Every reprimand should be a learning experience. If you have overwhelming evidence for the need to send such reminders, then sit down with your manager as explain the situation. Maybe both of you can develop a better methodology to remind users of the policy. Any communication of this type should come from your manager, that is his/her responsibility to address situations which are non conforming.

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Okay! Okay! I get it now! Stop ripping on me!

by MMarble In reply to Unfair Reprimand

After reading some of the responses, I have come to the conclusion that I must be way off base. This is my second career. My first was in medicine where the following of procedures was not up for debate and those who didn't comply were fired faster than you could say "pink slip". I guess I'm too used to an environment where a lot a was riding on how well you did your job. It will be difficult to change the way I look at things, but I see now that this is a much more relaxed environment and a strict work ethic is not the path to success. It's a government agency so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised (ha ha).

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You're not alone...

by ebeck In reply to Okay! Okay! I get it no ...

As someone who has led IT in a corp and now government world, the abuse and misuse is far greater in the gov world IMHO. Accountability is hard to come by in the gov't space, and you have a lot of give and take. Amcol's point says it best about picking and choosing your battles.
What type of gov't area do you work in?
You might find some hints at these resources:

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