Unknown Administrator Password

By david ·
I recently got a call from a small office that is using Small Business Server 2003. The Server was installed and configured by another person who is now MIA. The office does not know the administrator password to the Server, and is, consequently, not able to log into the Server although they are able to access their files through the previously setup mapped drives.

The former consultant did not leave any documentation, and they also do not know the passwords to their router, firewall, etc.

Short of spending big bucks for a program like Winternals, are there any suggestions on how to recover or change the admin password so they can fully utilize their equipment?

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Recovering lost passwords

by rich.frueh In reply to Unknown Administrator Pas ...

For Windows, there are a number of utilities that are free that will allow this. BartPE ( allows you to make a bootable CD that contains many utilities for recovering hard drives, DOD erasing hard drives, recovering passwords, etc. YOu ahve to build the CD out of modules you wish to add, but it's fairly easy.

Otherwise, if all you want is password reset, and don't need the rest of the utilities, this is what I used to use, before I found Bart's PE.

It's called the Offline NT Password and Registry Editor (, which is a Linux kernel and SAM editor. It works very well, as well.

Hope this helps,


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Resetting password.

by Stimpi In reply to Unknown Administrator Pas ...

you can always try to boot into safe mode under any account (guest too) and grab a command prompt.

Type: "net users"
then find the admins name, then type;
net users NAME *(shift - then enter it will ask you for a new password, yes command lines are very useful.

It works on XP, never tried server, only other choose is the bootable CD-rom,

but do a google search, I once did it for free on the most horrid, windows 2000

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Unknown Administrator Password

how to remove administrator password,how to recover or change the admin password and how to recover the sbs windows2003 server

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easy to solve it

by jamesstevn In reply to Unknown Administrator Pas ...

try this one
login as administrator
when it ask password on login time click on the password entry field press ctrl+alt+del

it will give a new login window
put Administrator as username and hit enter

if you cannot login as administrator then check the link below,
its a live cd. download and burn the iso image and boot it from the disk
and follow the instruction

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TR members

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to easy to solve it

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by Ron K. In reply to TR members
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