Unknown device error installing USB printer in Vista

By AllenM ·
I recently purchased a Lexmark USB printer, and I didn't use the CD that came with the device as these were WinXP drivers. I downloaded the Vista drivers from Lexmark's site for my model, and per Lexmark's instructions, I ran the software first, and when prompted to plug in the USB from the printer, did so. Right off the bat, I got a "The USB device has malfunctioned" error, immediately followed by "The unknown device has been installed successfully?. Lexmark's software does not see the printer at all, so the installation cannot continue.
Device Manager shows the unknown device with no conflicts or errors. If you look at it's details, it states "there are no drivers for this device?.
I have uninstalled the driver from Device Manager and software (using Lexmark's clean utility), rebooted, reinstalled, same thing, tried different ports/cable. Vista displays these two errors stated above immediately upon plug in.
Per Lexmark support, I went to the unknown device listing- update driver, and went to manually search, and chose usbprint.inf in the Windows folder as Lexmark said this was missing from device manager and needed. Vista wouldn't accept it. Tried Lexmark's driver folder, nothing.
At this point, Vista will show that the "unknown device" is up to date, and will not budge. I can't get around this.
Does anyone know a solution to this.
Thank you in advance for your help.

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This really sounds like a Lexmark problem

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Unknown device error inst ...

And only they are able to fix it. Personally did you tell them which version of Vista you had? And do they have different instruction for installation for different Vista Versions?

If you are unable to get it working I would return the printer for a refund as it's unsuitable for your needs. Similarly you could return the computer for a refund and get one loaded with XP as it actually works unlike Vista does and it's reliable. Personally I would be looking at a different printer though and if possible a copy of XP installed on the computer till Vista becomes stable sometime latter this year when they release the first Service Pack for this product.


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USB printer issue

by AllenM In reply to This really sounds like a ...

It ended up being a Lexmark problem after all. I have an old XP box, that I finally had time to unpack (ancient PC, but runs very well), and I got the same error in XP that I got in Vista (I haven't had an issue with any other device or app in Vista in the four months I have been using it BTW). So you are correct, it was a defective Lexmark issue.
I got this really cheap, and I was warned by a fellow tech (co-worker) of mine, that they are cheap for a reason.
Next time, I'll choose another brand.
Thanks for your help.

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It's not a lexmark problem

by jamnutt In reply to This really sounds like a ...

I've had this same problem with Lexmark, Canon AND epson printers. The newest drivers from each of these companies was used and the same problem has occurred.

Unfortunately I cannot find any advice about this subject in conjunction with Windows Vista anywhere.

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But in this case it is a Lexmark problem

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to It's not a lexmark proble ...

As they are unable to supply the correct drivers to work with Vista so they should be responsible for refunding the purchase price of the printer so that the person can purchase a different brand that actually works with Vista.


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Agree, it actually was a Lexmark issue, not Vista

by AllenM In reply to But in this case it is a ...

As I posted months ago, HAL is right. It was a Lexmark issue, and not the OS.
I ended up unboxing my 7 year old XP box, and I hooked up this Lexmark printer, and I got the exact same error that Vista gave me (using the proper drivers for XP on this XP PC).
The hardware was defective, as the device wasn't IDing itself to either XP or Vista.
The vendor was kind enough (probably because they knew Lexmark are horrible devices), and refunded my money.
I ended up buying an Epson printer, and with their Vista drivers and software, Vista recognized it, and installed it within seconds. It has been running smoothly ever since.

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get rid of Vista, try getting virtual machine with another OS in it.

by freakways1 In reply to Unknown device error inst ...

open virtual machine with a different OS try plugging printer tru there now.

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USB port is blocking by virus

by akbar_meerakbarali In reply to Unknown device error inst ...


when u install virus effected drivers so that it will blocked the usb port, first scan u r system with antivirus then install Drivers

Meer Akbar Ali

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