Unknown Partition

By rpevley ·
I have recently installed a 160 GB Seagate Baracuda Hard Drive. I cloned my old 30 Gb's image onto the 160. When I booted it up I noticed that my computer only sees 135 GB of it.

I have a Dell Dimension 300 Bios Version: A02 So, I thought the reason that the HArd Drive was only showing 135GB is because I needed to update my BIOS. I went to Dells website and downloaded BIOS Version: A03. When I rebooted my system it was still recognizing 135GB of the Drive.

I went to Disk Management and noticed that the extra space that wasn't showing up was listed as an unknown partition. I right clicked on it and the on;y option I had was "Delete Partition" the other options were grayed out.

My question I guess is should I have updated my BIOS before I installed the Drive, or is there a way for me to get this "Unknown Partition" usable?

Any Suggestions????

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Your disingenuousnessiness is showing

by OnTheRopes In reply to Just

Tuck your skirt in.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Your disingenuousnessines ...

that a cow or a sheep?

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by OnTheRopes In reply to is
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by Jacky Howe In reply to Reference material for yo ...

you run a methane factory?

And seriously i dont think that it would hurt to delete the "Unknown Partition" and reclaim the space. It certainly looks like someone had a play with that drive. Could also have had a play with Linux.

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No methane factory here, unless I get some of that BigBoy Cream of Broccoli

by OnTheRopes In reply to Do

Good stuff.

You're right. It wouldn't hurt to delete and reclaim that partition using Norton, Acronis or whatever. I've done it more than once with Norton.

It's hard to say what happened but that space in the unknown partition shouldn't be lost forever.

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Did you

by Jacky Howe In reply to No methane factory here, ...

remember which version of Ghost that you used? I use G7. The interesting thing that I find with it is that I have more success if I only copy the Partitions. If I copy a drive it seems to find a lot of things like bad sectors so I gave up on copying the drives. I am not sure what difference it makes maybe treats the data a different way.

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RR - I use Ghost 9.0

by OnTheRopes In reply to No methane factory here, ...

Short answer- I KNOW "restore" works well for an OS drive. I can't say for sure about "copy".

I generally don't copy drives and don't remember any issues about that.

What I do before working on someones PC here is to pull their HD, put it into an external USB caddy and make a complete backup before I do anything else.

I use standard compression, verify the backup and divide it into the 100MB default size.

That's not to say that I haven't "copied" drives and partitions without any problems. I have, though at this minute I don't clearly remember copying the C: drive. I think I have but I won't say for certain.

One of the things I found about Ghost when I first started using it was that you can only "restore" to an unformatted partition, then set the drive active for booting. It would've been nice if Norton had put that in their help files somewhere. It may be there but I had to figure it out for myself.

If I were to copy an OS drive I'd copy it to an unformatted partition.

If that's what you've done and it came up with errors it may be because, I'm guessing, the "restore" function of Ghost acts like the "format" command and marks bad sectors as part of the restore process.

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BigBoy Cream of Broccoli

by Jacky Howe In reply to Unknown Partition

I just checked the recipe. Never heard of it before. I will have to try it. As we head into our winter months it may help to warm us up. I used to propagate broccoli on a farm just outside of Canberra. I would start it under lights well before spring. It took the markets awhile to figure out what we were up to. We were the only farm that could sustain the demand for awhile.

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The local BigBoy's soup and saladbar IS good.

by OnTheRopes In reply to BigBoy Cream of Broccoli

They just jacked the prices up. $6.49, I think for just S&SB. It's $3.00 if you get it with a sandwich or a meal. It's pretty easy to see the bargain there.

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