Upgrading hard drive, should it be Seagate or Western Digital?

By gary5646 ·
I have an HP DV2000 and I am stuck in between the following two upgrades:

They are the same price, same specs just different brand. I don't know too much about hard drives, I just need an opinion of an experienced owner of either drive.

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One thing that worries me regarding these 2 links...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to Upgrading hard drive, sho ...

is that you are purchasing these drives with the HP label on them. This "seems" to indicate that you are buying OEM drives. OEM drives from either of the 2 manufacturers carry an entirely different warranty. Generally, OEM drives must be replaced through the PC mfgrs warranty. Thus, the effective warranty is only as long as the PC is covered under warranty. It has been my experience that when purchasing replacement drives, its a good idea to steer clear of OEM drives and purchase them from a reseller otherwise.

My recommendation would be to purchase one of these 2

Replace *dot* with .

Both of these drives are 7200 rpm drives which equates to significant performance improvement. While I havent used any of the hybrid drives made by seagate, they do get good reviews. Of the 2 listed, The seagate is 3 years warranty and the WD is 5 years warranty. Both are less in cost than the ones you posted and the reseller is second to none in my opinion with regards to price and standing behind the products they sell.

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Reponse To Answer

by Charles Bundy In reply to One thing that worries me ...

Second [SmartAceW0LF] on OEM. Of the two laptop drives presented it seems like western digital had 20% fewer negative comments pertaining to DOA or DW2W (Dead Within 2 Weeks). They do have a three year warranty versus seagate's two year, but if the drive doesn't die within six months, both units seem reliable.

Thus to have an edge with QA upfront I would go with Western Digital (for the two drives presented) from a third party vendor with specific warranty lengths.

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Over the years..

by colecrew In reply to Upgrading hard drive, sho ...

I have been building computers for over 20 years and have seen Seagate drives fail more often than Western Digital. On a normal day there are over 22 hard drives in use in my house, none of which are Seagate and the majority are over four years old. I personally have a couple of WDs that are over 10 years old and still spinning; while the Seagate drives are dead and gone.

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Reponse To Answer

by cerabus In reply to Over the years..

i also have been building systems for over 25 years. I agree,
WD has never been a problem. I have had one grive fail, 1 terabyte, got an rma that day and had a new drives within10 days. excellent customer service with WD. I have had some of my drives over 14 years and still use them, however so small they are for long term backups now.
I highly suggest WD drives. At my shop I have a stack of old seagates ... nuff said?

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Western Digital

by dgilluly In reply to Upgrading hard drive, sho ...

Seagate used to be a great company, but since they've gotten involved in Maxtor, they went downhill quickly. I recently purchased a Seagate portable hard drive, it lasted less than 6 months, and when it died it still had more than 2 years left on the warranty. They down right refused to take it for an RMA because SeaTools couldn't read it at all.

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Reponse To Answer

by robo_dev In reply to Western Digital

Maxtor is Latin for 'oops there goes all your data'.

My experience has been that WD is better than Seagate by a country mile.

Seagate had a HUGE issue a few years ago with the anti-wear coating on their drive platters flaking off and gumming up the drive heads. I personally worked on (attempted) data recovery on two of those drives and it did not go well.

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WD... for better warranty support

by lkarnis In reply to Upgrading hard drive, sho ...

I much prefer WD disks for 2 reasons.... 1. they seem to fail less often than Seagate disks and 2. WD's warranty support has been much better for me.

WD has a local warranty depot for me so I can drop off failed drives. With Seagate, I have to mail in drives (at my cost). The other aspect is the warranty of replacement drives. Last time I checked a replacement Seagate drive has a very limited warranty (even if the failed drive still had years left on its warranty) whereas WD's replacement drive warranty is closer to the warranty the original failed drive had.

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Seagate vs. WD...Ford vs. Chevy, etc...

by info In reply to Upgrading hard drive, sho ...

I've been in 'the business' for awhile as well. I've seen enough to know that ALL makes can have their ups and downs. For these arguments, most people tend to buy either for price or personal preference rather than any 'real' qualitative evidence. MY personal preference is Western Digital (even though I've experienced a few failures), but if I have to buy a Seagate, I'm not overly bothered (They work well, and I've experienced more failures only because I happened to deal with more Seagate drives!). I've had good RMA and repair experiences with both.

As an aside, you don't 'need' to buy an HP-branded SATA notebook drive just because you have an HP notebook. Any SATA 2.5" drive will work. It's not going into a server, so arguments like, 'it has to have a special HP drive firmware' aren't valid. Check out prices, but do get a 7200rpm drive if you can for the performance...unless you REALLY need to squeeze all the battery life that you can out of it.

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I prefer Seagate

by Mike R Lewis In reply to Upgrading hard drive, sho ...

Over the years, I've bought four internal and three external Seagate drives. I then bought an external WD which was DOA.

One problem I've noticed with all three external Seagates is that the USB port hole does not align well with the USB socket. In the worst case, wiggling the connector to get it in fried the USB circuit of the drive. The only way to retrieve the hard disk inside seemed to be with a chainsaw. Fortunately, I had multiple backups.

To avoid frying more USB circuits, I now connect the USB cable then the power cable. If I'm feeling particularly paranoid, I unplug the USB cable from the computer before connecting it to the drive. I don't always do that as the USB sockets on computers wear out and fail over time.

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It's not the warranty

by ComputerMaster In reply to Upgrading hard drive, sho ...

I have a computer service business and I wouldn't buy Western Digital on a bet. I try to go with Seagate. Yeah, all companies have models or short time periods where there are problems. But WD seems to have more than their share. Maybe their high end drives do better. Maybe because the big-box toaster computers use the cheapest drives around they seem to use more WD and those drives seem to fail more. WD used to be the joke of the industry, although they've cleaned up their act a bit in the last few years. There for a while if a client brought in a computer with a failed drive I could almost bet it was a WD without looking.

But I don't buy on warranties, either. I'd rather the drive just lasted like it was supposed to. I don't want to find out how good the warranty service is. Overall, in 30 or so years of building and servicing computers, and maintaining my own, Seagate does better. I try to get my clients to have backup drives, and make regular backups. Then in the rare case a Seagate takes a dive we just replace it, almost always well after a warranty period anyway. In the last five years I remember one 2.5" drive that failed a few months after install. I stayed away from the Seagate Terabyte drives when they first came out and so avoided that flaking problem that someone mentioned. Sometimes you just have to be smart, and Seagate to this point seems to take care of business the best.

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