Upgrading hard drive, should it be Seagate or Western Digital?

By gary5646 ·
I have an HP DV2000 and I am stuck in between the following two upgrades:

They are the same price, same specs just different brand. I don't know too much about hard drives, I just need an opinion of an experienced owner of either drive.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to It's not the warranty

I've just pulled my RMA's for this year.

2 X Seagate NB Drives RMA'd when under 6 months old well the NB's that they where in where under 6 Months old and the drives failed.

46 X WD's returned to the WD Agent here again all NB Drives in new NB's but all under 12 months or thereabouts old

Granted the majority of NB's come with WD Drives and of the ones that I RMA'd most came from School Kids NB's so it's maybe not a fair comparison where as the 2 Seagate Drives came out of Adults Computers so they may have had an easier life and probably not placed on beds over bedclothes to block the Air Intakes and cook the HDD and M'Boards.

But like everything else it's Personal Preference and which is better is from personal experience so other than starting Flame Wars it's probably better to say chose what you like.

I'm a newcomer to Computer Servicing as I've only been doing it 22 years now.

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Thinking "outside the box": Hitachi or Samsung

by Elteto In reply to Upgrading hard drive, sho ...

Reading the various responses here, one can see that there will always be multiple experiences and opinions. Personally, over the last many years, I have had the best experience with Hitachi and Samsung drives (both desktop and laptop drives).

Last I heard, Hitachi was in the process of actually getting bought by Western Digital, who in turn is selling it to Toshiba (confusing, I know), but the "talent" and "technology" stayed with the Hitachi brand, so a Hitachi drive would also be a good investment.

Samsung, on the other hand, now belongs to Seagate, but again, the talent and technology are still part of the Samsung brand.

I agree with the comment above, no need to buy an HP-branded drive, just buy one that fits the machine you need it for.

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by Charles Bundy In reply to Thinking "outside the box ...

I've had better personal experience with samsung over hitachi. To be fair tho the hitachi failures were in 24/7 server environments versus samsung in client PC's. Hitachi's at the same spindle RPM as the samsung just seemed to run hot...

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by info In reply to Thinking "outside the box ...

Hitachi drives are based on IBM's tech, and were pretty rock-solid. I wouldn't recommend a Samsung drive, although I wouldn't refuse one outright. Their quality (with everything) seems to be based on quantity. "You produce 7 bad per 100 units? We'll make 10,000 units, and noone will notice the bad ones!"

Back when IDE was first getting established, the distributor I worked for brought in a boatload of drives made by a company called, 'Dai Yung'. We got a good chuckle, but we were right, almost ALL of them 'died young'.

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by stano360 In reply to Thinking "outside the box ...

In theory Hitatchi should be good, remember that their hard drive unit was purchased from IBM, which generally made a quality drive (when a 1Gb was a big drive!). But I've never found a good reason to use them, when for the same money or slightly more you can get Seagate or WD, both of which have held up well throughout the years for me. I've had few failures on any drives.

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Reliability is a toss up

by Slayer_ In reply to Upgrading hard drive, sho ...

My desktop at home is running two seagates, one from 2003 and one from 2005, both show 98% fitness and performance and they work fine. I got a 10 gig Fujitsu still running perfectly, and those things ALWAYS died young. And I've lost 3 WD drives in 3 years. On the other hand, the seagate drives in our office are dropping like flies, but the WD drives so far, are fine, we have some 5 and 6 year old desktops that are not having any issues.

Laptop drives always seem to die young.

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by Elteto In reply to Reliability is a toss up

True, it depends on a number of factors; certain models, certain speeds, certain years may make a difference, as well as how the drive is being used; whether if it keeps getting powered on and off (desktop and mobile applications), or used in a server or as a continuous backup(always on)... There is just no specific brand that is miles ahead of the competition. That brand would drive everyone else out of business, as everyone would buy its products. But it is not happening, simply because none of the brands is excessively better than the others.

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When people start saying they have been building computers for over 25 yrs

by Charles Bundy In reply to Upgrading hard drive, sho ...

I start counting on my fingers and toes... 25 years ago would make the date ~1987. Pheonix came out with their reverse engineered BIOS around 1984 which allowed third parties to build PC compatible systems. I know I was there :)

Of course if you are like me and think that the Cosmac ELF was cool and built your first board using an RCA 1802 then you might be able to claim 30+ years of computer building experience...

ADDENDUM: Almost forgot tearing apart a Big Track to get the TMS1100 processor. That was a 4 bit critter!

P.S. The first hard drive I ever installed was on an Apple II+ circa 1986...

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by OH Smeg In reply to When people start saying ...

Should I mention Hydraulic HDD's that leaked?

But that was before computers as they where used in Main Frames and everyone knows that there where no computers before PC's. :^0

Kids today are good for a laugh. I even had one ask me did I know that Paul McCarthy was in a band before he was in Wings. Took me a bit f time to realize she was talking about the Beatles and I never thought of them as Before Wings.


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by Charles Bundy In reply to When people start saying ...

Oh now Col we are talking building computers which implies PC .

I didn't build, only cursed the early offspring of IBM, DEC and PRIME...

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