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Ups problem

By mubashiralikhan ·
i live in a thirld world country where shortage of Electricty is
a problem i installed a Home UPS My problem is that when company
Electricty is gone my computer Restart and i lose my most recent

can you give me some advice to avoaid Restart of computer ?

i am very thank full to you If you help me it is noted that it is
not a Special Computer UPS (ONLINE) This UPS provide Electricty to
all Electricty applianceses.

best regards

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UPS solution number 1

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Ups problem

Use a laptop or notebook computer and run it from the mains electricity supply. When the electricity supply fails, the notebook will just beep to indicate that mains electricity has failed, and carry on with battery power.

You have battery power until it runs out, long enough to save your files and shut down.

You also have the light from your screen flooding your room if it happens at night.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Ups problem


From your comments I surmise that the UPS switches to battery when the mains fail. Not being a computer type of UPS I think that there is an appreciable time delay between the mains failing and the UPS coming on line. This delay wouldn't affect household appliances, but it is long enough for the computer's power supply to run out of steam and turn off. When the UPS kicks in the computer then reboots.

The only solution I can recommend is to buy a cheap computer UPS. Around $80 Australian. Much cheaper than a laptop.


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You need a dedicated UPS for the computer; and, ...

by deepsand In reply to Ups problem

one that will intelligently shut down it and your applications when on its battery power longer than a certain time.

Whether it is of the Standby or Online type is not critical; the switchover time of today's standby types are sufficiently short that it's the rare machine that suffers dropout during the transition. And, most standby type include line conditioning for when running of utility power.

Make sure that you get the "Smart" type, which includes an interface with your machine & control software for automatically shutting down your machine, rather than it crashing if you're not present & able to manually shut down quickly enough.

Today's costs for UPSs is relatively low. Two companies that you might consider are Tripplite and American Power Conversion (APC.) You'll find them on-line at and , respectively.

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