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US government asks Canada to become their Australia.

By Oz_Media ·
In his year to close Guantanamo, President Obama has been looking for places to 'stick' the released detainees. Canada among many other European countries have been asked to accept these released, suspected terrorists.

The Canadian government has, so far,declined the warm hearted offering, however there is the Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR), whoe are looking to use unique Canadian refugee adoptio laws to sponsor released detainees who have chosen Canada as their desired destination. (and there I have been boasting about Vancouver being the most desired city in the world. )

Refugee release to Canada denied

Canada a desired location for Guantanamo Bay detainees

EDIT: Ironically, I was just watching Chasers The War on Everything, a hilarious Aussie political bashfest (similar to Penn & Teller's Bulls**t) and they were talking aout how Oama has asked Australia to take suspected terrorist prisoners too. They did a funny piece on a secret CIA prison in Poland that the CIA apparently says doesn't exist...(while standing right in front of it)

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If they aren't guilty, they

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Its a humanitarian act

should be safe to release where they were caught.

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If they aren't guilty

by Oz_Media In reply to Its a humanitarian act

To release ANYONE back into a land where they were part of a terrorist group is sending them to die. Terrorists don't care if you are founf guilty, you were captured and lived. First of all, for a Muslim that is purely disgraceful that you did not die for Allah, you did not sacrifice yourself before of after you were caught.

Loko at the innocents who are captured by terrorists, have cages locked to their bodies and are loaded with a remote bomb. THey are being forced to run to allies with please for their lives and then teh terrorists with the bomb control set them off, killing any allies trying to help them.

Anyone caputured and later release back into their hands would be killed, and that's why such laws are in place that we do not simply send them back home and instead we allow them to claim refugee status.

And MANY of these suspects still haven't been tried or found guilty of a crime, just suspected. In the case of a terrorist, they can hold them on that alone while they investigate further.

Many are innocent, many are guilty, many are guilty by asoociation.

Either way, it was America's war, it was America's arrest, America's prisoner, America can deal with them.

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If they aren't guilty they weren't part of a terrorist group

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Its a humanitarian act

and at no risk. If they were part of a terrorist group, well they get what they deserve from joining up with the terrorists.

If you regard them as America's problem, then you shouldn't be saying anything about what the US does with them, and shouldn't have argued for their release.

If they were solely a US problem then everyone else should have shut up and totally ignored the matter. The moment others speak up and abuse the US and scream they should be released, they are making themselves part of the issue and taking on themselves part of the responsibility for the people if the US chooses to do as you say they should and release them - thus they do become your problem as well.

If no other countries said anything and let the US take their time to try them and either release them or put them in prison after the court hearings, then they would have remained a solely US issue.

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Change your alias

by Oz_Media In reply to Its a humanitarian act

To Broken Record!

As I said, I know EXACTLY the viewpoint you are taking, as I take it in most cases (where it applies)too, but this is nothing even CLOSE to the same thing.

First of all, they shouldn't be there to begin with.
Second of all, most of them are sitting there as suspects of association to a crime and haven't been processed as we would expect under due process as they are not subject to due process.

Some are innocent of the crimes they are accused of, some guilty. The USA locked them up, the USA shouldn't have, the USA can't send them home now because they locked them up, the USA should have to deal with them.

You talk about innocent people being locke dup as if it is so simply solved. How many people have been released from death row because they were wrongly sentenced to death?

They can't figure out who's who, they just coralled them like cattle and locked them up to play a little Saddam game themselves, but it failed, 'not my fault, shouldn't have done it to begin with, sort it out yourselves'.

You seem to feel that I wanted them released and Guantanamo closed. I am sure many Canadians did, many Iraqi's did, many Australians did, many Brits did, many Germans did, many French did and even more than ANY nation, many AMERCIANS did.

So, when America realises their horrific mistake and the situation they have created and the inefficiency of Guantanamo Bay to do as they thought it would, and the ineffectiveness of their incareration, THEY can bloody well deal with it.

'America' listens to nobody, never has and never will. They join in the game when THEY want to, yet they oppose those who don't jump to join them. They expect full apology from those who wrong them, but wrong any other without a second thought.

Why the **** should anyone bale them out of a mess they created, insisted on and then fail to see through?

The world's mightiest nation/super power? BS, they can sleep in the bed they made.

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Keep yours

by santeewelding In reply to Its a humanitarian act

"Oz Media", that is.

You lean far enough where but a push would do you over.

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Great, a fortune cookie

by Oz_Media In reply to Its a humanitarian act

And there I was thinking it was a discussion forum.

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I trace my finger

by santeewelding In reply to Its a humanitarian act

Over every letter and every word and I see no disjunction.

You must be serious.

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Oz, it's simple - you keep saying the same thing and I keep

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Its a humanitarian act

giving you the same response. You seem too hung up on the concept everyone at GB was innocent (despite evidence proving some of those tried were guilty) without fully examining the evidence available. That is a different issue to the one I'm making.

You want to play in a neighbour's yard and dictate the rules, you get to be involved in the clean up. If you didn't want to get involved in the clean up you should have stayed completely out of the game. Simple isn't it.

Many of these countries are now in the situation of a Chinese Obligation and are proving themselves to be hypocrites by refusing to accept responsibility for the outcomes of their actions.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Its a humanitarian act

If I keep saying the same thing and you still don't get it, I give up.

I have NOT said everyone at GB is innocent, I have said that many have not even been tried yet, as we must do with our own in due process, and therefore a lot of these assocaited terrorists in GB are simply there as suspects of association. THey locke dthem all up and couldn't/DIDN'T even process them.

It reminds me of teh games the US played with Saddam over the dual pupose goods inspections. They insisted they were in charge of inspecting all goods destined for Iraq, however they failed to do so in a timely fashion and many shipments NEEDED for medical reasons, health reasons, food etc. perished before ever gettign to Iraq. Saddam was pissed at that and kept kicking out weapons inspectors.

Of course all teh US government aired at the time was that he had kicked out inspectors again. no mention of how Iraq was protesting the lengthy delays of shpments that were needed. Sure some were dual purpose goods being traded for Russian oil, which REALLY PO's the US because Sadaam wouldn't trade oil with the US but had no problems with Russia.

'kin US government, point the finger and shout loud enough at your enemy and maybe nobody will ask what YOU'VE been up to.

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OH blah blah blah

by Oz_Media In reply to I wondered how long befor ...

You incarecerated people in a dead end legal loop during a war which you started against the wishes of allies and while saying FU to them at the same time.

Apprently you feel it is only other nations who have said you should not have gone to war, should not have detained many of these suspects and should not be toruting then.

As a result, when your president decides to close the 'concentration camp' named Guantanamo Bay, you feel it is purley someone else's fault and that they should carry the burden of your mistakes?

get bent, mate!

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