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US government asks Canada to become their Australia.

By Oz_Media ·
In his year to close Guantanamo, President Obama has been looking for places to 'stick' the released detainees. Canada among many other European countries have been asked to accept these released, suspected terrorists.

The Canadian government has, so far,declined the warm hearted offering, however there is the Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR), whoe are looking to use unique Canadian refugee adoptio laws to sponsor released detainees who have chosen Canada as their desired destination. (and there I have been boasting about Vancouver being the most desired city in the world. )

Refugee release to Canada denied

Canada a desired location for Guantanamo Bay detainees

EDIT: Ironically, I was just watching Chasers The War on Everything, a hilarious Aussie political bashfest (similar to Penn & Teller's Bulls**t) and they were talking aout how Oama has asked Australia to take suspected terrorist prisoners too. They did a funny piece on a secret CIA prison in Poland that the CIA apparently says doesn't exist...(while standing right in front of it)

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I loved it!

by puppybreath In reply to What? Nobody liked the se ...

I especially liked the signs he put up. I was waiting for something along the line of the old Burma Shave signs. But he'd have to be an old American to remember those. :-)

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Thanks, Pup

by Oz_Media In reply to I loved it!

At least somebody has a sense of humour. We always see such things from Canadian political satire shows, so it's nice to see our Aussie mates have a giggle too. (ooops, Pink FLoyd's a bit too loud, don't want to rile my neighbours}.

Have a good weekend, OM

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You can crank it up

by puppybreath In reply to Thanks, Pup

if you listen to their Animals album. The neighbors will just think you have a lot of barking dogs.


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or pigs, or sheep

by Oz_Media In reply to You can crank it up

Actually I have been on a vinyl binge. I have lots of collectible albums in mint shape, so I throw them on the turntable and remember how good music USED to sound before the world of digital 'almost' music.

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by puppybreath In reply to or pigs, or sheep

What model turntable are you using? I have ton of vinyl but my turntable died years ago. I never bothered looking for a replacement then but it might not be a bad idea since I still have the LPs.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Turntables

I have a few turtanles but I currently use a Harman Kardon T-60 floating suspension table with Mission cartidge. I had a Blutone but can't justify sitting on hardware that expesive. I loved it but find the heavy platter of the T-60 best for my room to reduce rumble and bass pockets in the corners.

For yourself, I would seriously consider looking for a used Dual, you can get a 1219 on craigslist pretty cheap ($100-$150.00) depending on condition.
Something like this:

If you see one and want to hear about its quality or value, just Google it and you'll find audiophile forums discussing it and similar models. The 1237 above is a pretty entry level example but still better than anything new (last 20 years) under $400.00
Take it straight to a local shop and have it cleaned oiled and balanced ($80?US). Buy a decent cartidge/needle if you can too.

Another place to finnd old Dual turntables is in those all in one cabinet stereo systems thta were so popular in the 70's. Most of them used teh Dual 1210 and 1219 turntables, then just find a junked or near dead Dual turntable cheap and use the base.

A bit of digging gets you a killer turntable for less than $100.00

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NA I thought that there where better Skits OZ

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What? Nobody liked the se ...

The Elephant Diet was much better for instance and when they got Americans to say nice things about eating Hay or asking for seconds I was rolling around the floor.

The Secret CIA Prison in Poland just wasn't as funny to me as the other skits run that night. The best one so far this year was then flying the Blimp in Rome with the rope hanging from it so that the good Christan's could pull it to get to the Naked Boys Inside.

But then again maybe it was aimed at a different type of person and I didn't appreciate it.

But when they got into OPEC last year with the Pass that allowed them into any Ice Cream Pallor and Osama was a passenger that was something to really get you laughing even though quite a few politician's did make formal complaints and wanted the show stopped.


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And they were very lucky to be stopped and the second line

by Deadly Ernest In reply to NA I thought that there w ...

if they'd gotten to the third security level the lead would've been flying and they wouldn't have seemed so funny when some of their people got shot. They got past the outer security cordon, well duh, almost anyone with the guts to act like they belong can do that, it's the deeper layers where they actually check Ids properly etc. But I bet they never mentioned that. And I bet they didn't mention the last line shoot first and ask questions later.

Years ago I was working at RAAF Fairbairn when Pres Bush came to visit. Air Force One was still, sitting out on the tarmac after the Pres had left when I went over to that part of the base on a routine business activity. Believe me, I was very much aware of the various snipers keeping an eye on my movements as I need the last line of buildings before AF1 - and was very happy to reach the one I was headed for about eighty metres short of the tarmac itself. I was NOT on their pre issued photo list so they took a great deal of notice of me. I even got a special visit after I left, security wanting to know what I was doing over there and why.

It's very scary once you get through the outer layers of such a security shield.

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We have a few of those - No more Americans for me today, please

by Oz_Media In reply to NA I thought that there w ...

We have shows that constantly interview Americans and make them look like idiots, it's just not much of a stratch and we see it all the time. 30 minutes from my front door I can see it in real life action, actually there was a guy at 7-11 today and was so typically rude and arrogant I asked if he was American. He said, yes, why? I just smiled and said it was his accent. He nodded and left.

Peple behnid me were all giggling to themselves as they know exactky what it was, "Hi can I help you?"
I WANT.....and I WANT....and I WANT....and I WANT.... No kidding that's exactly what he said to the clerk, while asking for lottery tickets.

I did the same thing just a moth or so ago with ANOTHER American pulling the I WANT and I WANT in a store, I explained to him though that in Canada we usually say please and thank you when we ASK for something.

'kin rude baystards, go home, stay home the worlds a better place that way. Kinda how the Iraqi's think of Americans too.
'Thanks but no thanks, can you go home now?'

Americans are like bullies in school. Bullies are weak, they are insecure, they are unsure and yet want to portray themselves as smart, self confident, and tough. So they waltz in like they pown the place, leave their manners up their arse and feel they should be served. Get bent.

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by santeewelding In reply to We have a few of those - ...

You would love me. I skip past all that.

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