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US Soldier Murders Injured and Unarmed

By Bucky Kaufman (MCSD) ·
Did y'all see the video of that US soldier murdering an unarmed, injured freedom fighter?

Knowing that he was most likely NOT al Quaeda, and knowing that he definitely didn't have any nuclear missiles - can ya really keep supporting the US war against the people of Iraq?

I mean, it's just not right to have US kids getting their minds so shattered, and their morality so compromised that they're murdering unarmed, injured people.

What did he do to deserve being shot? According to the soldier who shot him, his crime was "playing dead".

What choice do we leave these people, if playing dead is a capital crime, but to become suicide bombers, and to band together with Americas enemies like al Quaeda?

Is this really the way to spread Democracy - American style?

"If you wanna leave, take good care.
I hope you find a lot of nice friends out there.
Just remember there's a lot of bad and beware"
- Cat Stevens (banned from the US as a terrorist)

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Saddam is Gone

Al-Zarqawi (from Jordan) and the other terrorists are not defending their homeland, they are trying to restore Saddam Hussein to power.
---- ---- ---- ---- ----

That's just downright wrong. The Islamists hated Hussein because he's a liberal.

He let women go around uncovered, driving cars, holding jobs - even government posts. He hired Christians into his administration and encouraged his people to travel abroad for university education.

The terrorists are not there to restore Saddam, but simply to repel the antagonsitic US Death Squads and torture brigades.

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What US Death Squads?

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Saddam is Gone

Bucky-Ball said:
"The terrorists are not there to restore Saddam, but simply to repel the antagonsitic US Death Squads and torture brigades."
You must be talking about the situation in the Bizarro World you live in. There are no US Death Squads and Torture Brigades. The US Forces, along with their Iraqi and coalition allies, are there to stop the terrorist death squads and torture brigades, for example, like the Al-Zarqawi torture rooms they discoverd in Fallujah. Al-Zarqawi and his minions are using the same tactics as your beloved Saddam Hussein. In your Bizarro World, it sounds like Saddam Hussein was a saint. Saddam, Al-Zarqawi, and Osama Bin Laden are Birds of a Feather, who are united by their hatred of the USA and our free, multicultural, capitalist, society. At least you admitted this time that Al-Zarqawi et al are terrorists instead of calling them freedom fighters. You refer to Saddam as a liberal. Well, Saddam Hussein hates America, so he has that in common with most other liberals, like Michael Moore and yourself.

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Deny and Deflect

by ProtiusX In reply to What US Death Squads?

Ha! Beat Bucky to the punch. Oh wait 100,000 innocent Iraqi dead, Bush worshiping death squads, NEOCON Nazis, red-neck Militant Christians, blah, blah, blah. Did I miss anything? Oh yeah, Protius is stupid! ;o)

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For Bucky

by ProtiusX In reply to What US Death Squads?
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Neocon - Deny and Deflect

by Bucky Kaufman (MCSD) In reply to What US Death Squads?

There are no US Death Squads and Torture Brigades.
----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

That would be SO much easier to believe - if innocent Iraqis weren't being trotured and killed by them.

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ProtiusX said: "For Bucky.."

by Montgomery Gator In reply to What US Death Squads?

ProtiusX said:
" For Bucky Cool head gear!"
ROFLMAO!! That is so appropriate for the Buckaroo!! It might stop him from replying from the info he gets from the alien transmissions directly to his brain.

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That is is another idea

by Packet Spoofer In reply to ProtiusX said: "For Bucky ...

If what you where goes to who you are as a person.....then bucky should also shop here for hats......

Did you see the seti link?
it is worth a look also.....

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by CorTech In reply to Unjustified

You are a worthless POS!!! Those ****** are defending their homeland against peaceful, volunteer CARE workers???!!! FU They are worthless thugs and bullies and have absolutely no compassion for life. How many of their own "innocent" people have they killed with car bombs???!!!

I am not trying to justfy the US soldiers actions in the above case, but we do not know what led up to his (in my opinion, stupid) actions, and makes ALL Americans look barbaric to the rest of the world.

And before you start up again Buckster, I DIDN'T vote for Bush!!! Can you read that??? Earth to Bucky!!! You are soooooo lucky we live in a country of free speech. If you lived in Iraq and talked about the government the way you do you (and probably your whole family) would have already been beheaded a looooong time ago. But, that would have been humane and justifiable I suppose, because they would have been defending their homeland against a possible terrorist.

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by Bucky Kaufman (MCSD) In reply to TERRORIST

Those ****** are defending their homeland against peaceful, volunteer CARE workers?
---- ---- ---- ---- ----

The unarmed, injured man was not attacking anyone when he was murdered. Not even volunteer CARE workers.

It's a disorganized, chaotic bloody war - and you seem to support it. If ya wanna stop getting what you're getting, stop doing what you're doing.

It's interesting how you defend the murder of defenseless people - as a way of opposing the murder of defenseless people. It just don't make no sense.

Clearly, you have no problem with the murder of innocent people - so what's your *real* agenda here?

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The same agenda as you!

by Black Panther In reply to Murder

Defending Terrorists be-heading inoccent civilians and aid workers who are their helping the iraqi people??

Are you saying there is no difference between good and bad, a terrorist and a civilian.

There is good and bad in every country - is their not??

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