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U.S. Tax reform ideas

By chdchan ·
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(1) Incentives to tax-payers for tax prepayment (early birds), e.g. rebate or discount coupons for shopping, or governmental bonds;
(2) Higher income cashflow by more frequent tax payment by monthly instalments for the same amount that previously paid annually;
(3) Lowering taxes for successful re-entrants to employment market to stimulate more taxation incomes;
(4) Higher taxes for monopolized or near-monopolized businesses, and globalization players that have capitalized much on industry export.

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Guarantee? Guanantee?

by maxwell edison In reply to How could you guarantee

Putting aside for a moment the "funding" that the federal government SHOULD NOT be providing.......

Putting aside for a moment the intended role of the federal government.........

Putting aside for a moment the concept of individual liberty........

Putting aside for a moment the difference between state and federal government, a difference of which many Americans are totally oblivious, I might add.

Putting aside for a moment that there are no "guarantees" in life.......

And putting aside for a moment that all too many people ARE looking for GUARANTEES in life - from the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT at the expense of others.......

Your question seems rather silly since the current income tax system does not provide enough money for the gluttons in government to "fund" everything they've currently managed to muck up. We're borrowing half of what we're spending now!

Except under the most dire of national emergencies, government SPENDING should be kept below a certain percentage of the GPD, twenty percent, for example, and just let those chips fall where they may.

P.S. Also a balanced budget Amendment should be passed at the same time we repeal the tyrannical 16th Amendment.

P.P.S. When someone FORCES you to hand over the fruits of YOUR labor, you are a slave - period. Whether they force you to labor or force you to hand over the fruits of your labor, there's no difference.

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So you think a consumption tax will scale back government spending?

by AV . In reply to Guarantee? Guanantee?

What's to prevent the government from just raising the consumption tax or expanding it to include more things to feed our behemoth government? Absolutely nothing.

A consumption tax is not going to force them to stop spending. The only thing that will stop that is recognition by both parties that there is a spending problem and redefining what the role of government really should be. That won't happen anytime soon with the current leadership in Washington.


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You are ALSO putting the cart before the horse

by maxwell edison In reply to So you think a consumptio ...

I repeat, agree to the underlying principle, and we can discuss the finer details. If people want to find reasons to shoot down any idea, they'll do it. But it's harder to shoot down an underlying principle.

P.S. I find it amusing that you're simply making unfounded assertions and drawing your conclusion from them.

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I think its a great idea, but

by AV . In reply to You are ALSO putting the ...

I don't think it will force the government to live within its means.

Government needs a real kick in the pants before it will even address the problem of spending. A dire crisis is what is needed. The great recession wasn't enough to do it.

Take for example the Newtown and Aurora shootings. Finally, there is meaningful conversation in this country, on both sides of the aisle, about what to do about the violence in this country and an acknowledgement that maybe it isn't the gun, its the sick people that get their hands on them.


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Repealing the 16th Amendment.......

by maxwell edison In reply to I think its a great idea, ...

.... would be the mother of all kicks in the pants!


Of course, considering the ignorance and gullibility of the typical American voter, we could never get enough congressional representation to garner the two-thirds vote necessary for repeal. I tend to think that two-thirds of the states might be in support, but why would Congress willingly give up the very thing that gives them POWER over the populace.

The dirty little secret, AV, is that the national income tax isn't intended to generate revenue as much as it's used to control the population.

Geesh again!

Disclaimer: The clarity of this message is entirely dependent on the reader's understanding of the constitutional amendment process, the intent of State's rights, etc.. which, I might guess, is another thing that's totally oblivious to the typical American voter.


GEESH on steroids!

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Side note

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to I think its a great idea, ...

You are right, guns don't kill people ,PEOPLE, kill people...with guns. You can never posibly rid the US of guns, with thousands smuggled in each month and a few hundred million possible consumers, it's as idiotic as trying to ban alcohol or marijuana.
With such a massive population though, you also have a massive number of sick people. It is too easy for those sick people to buy a gun and commit a crime.

I am not for RIDDING the guns but at least making it a wee bit harder for a nutcase to go and buy one. In Canada, there is a mandatory processing period, you can't walk into a sporting goods store and walk out an hour later with a firearm, unless you have already cleared all your paperwork. The result is that it removes a lot of impulse and reactionary murders. That and the fact that our government absolutely loves bureaucratic bullshite and red tape.
I'll be the first to say our government sucks too, I admit it and accept it as something I have to accept if I want to live here. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying Canada's government is right or better in any way, simply that we can all learn from each other and it seems that such problems are worse in the US than most other prosperous, free nations. Yes, America actually could learn something from another nation, whether Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia, etc. It seems that if such policies are adopted, toward any matter, Americans don't like it one bit.

In the recent case it was a gun stolen from home, therefore a mandatory wait period wouldn't have had an effect, or would it? If it was a little harder to just go out and buy a firearm, fewer people would bother, yes...because of lazy consumers, his home might not have had a firearm to steal to begin with.

Sorry for the hijack, back to Max and taxes.

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Back to Max and taxes?

by maxwell edison In reply to I think its a great idea, ...

Don't you mean .... "back to some guy living in China, Hong Kong, or wherever, who thinks he knows all about the USA and its tax system and what will make it better?"

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C'mon Max

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to I think its a great idea, ...

You know I give you far more credit than that. I was reading this thread through and I completely see your frustration, it's none of 'their' business but you are being courteous all the same.

As mentioned earlier, it's not my field of expertise at all but I do learn from reading these posts, as long as you aren't on a rant about the G-Main.

Maybe it's healthy for you to have patience and share your beliefs and knowledge with foreign nations. We live in a global economy now, although your system of taxation differs from others, it does get people thinking and I think that's a good thing.

Aw, ****, what do I know, have at 'er Max, chew 'em up and spit 'em out.

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Interesting observation

by AV . In reply to You are ALSO putting the ...

It isn't likely that they will ever repeal the 16th amendment for the reasons you stated or any other reason. Your dirty little secret is an interesting observation. I never really looked at it that way, but yes. It does give them control over the population and the revenue is the icing on the cake.

One thing that might work is if we were no longer able to borrow more money. What if our lenders put the brakes on our borrowing?


PS: Sorry for mentioning the "G" word.

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FORCED labour

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Guarantee? Guanantee?

Includes everyone on the planet who's job is not a hobby.

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