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U.S. Tax reform ideas

By chdchan ·
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(1) Incentives to tax-payers for tax prepayment (early birds), e.g. rebate or discount coupons for shopping, or governmental bonds;
(2) Higher income cashflow by more frequent tax payment by monthly instalments for the same amount that previously paid annually;
(3) Lowering taxes for successful re-entrants to employment market to stimulate more taxation incomes;
(4) Higher taxes for monopolized or near-monopolized businesses, and globalization players that have capitalized much on industry export.

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Yes it does

by maxwell edison In reply to FORCED labour

But I won't presume to speak for other people in other countries, nor will I presume to tell them how to live their lives; I'm speaking for myself as a citizen of the United States.

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What was the motto of the Liberator?

by john.a.wills In reply to Yes it does

"My country is the world, my countrymen all mankind". They never believed that in the Confederacy, of course, and the formerly Confederate states eventually made some cultural conquests in the rest of the U.S. Of course, you are right, Max, if you are talking about modularity of government, but at present if the US sneezes the world catches cold, so the modularity is already broken.

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"..... if the US sneezes the world catches cold ...."

by maxwell edison In reply to What was the motto of the ...

I love it.

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by neilb@uk In reply to What was the motto of the ...

Pardon me for commenting, but your little dose of sub-prime mortgage 'flu certainly didn't help anyone, anywhere.

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Ahh but you missed

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to What was the motto of the ...

If Americans catch a cold, they will blame the rest of the world because the rest of the world couldn't survive without them.

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Thank you, Max

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to What was the motto of the ...

I know you get hammered by people for cryptic posts (or was it just me that did that?) but it is nice to see a couple of good examples to illustrate your comment. I don't think I'm stupid, nor do most people that know me, but I hate it when I just can't see a point properly.

I understand what you mean by forced labour, though I think it starts to stretch when you equate income taxes to slavery. On the other hand, I completely see your viewpoint now, you have commented about less government and taxes for years and it's always been a bit vague as to why. This puts it all into perspective now.

While, theoretically, I see it and agree for the most part, i think that expecting an income tax free society is a bit harsh. As for consumer taxes, after seeing the kaibosh here for the last 13 years, I just focus on earning enough money that it doesn't effect my quality of life and I can ignore it.

I completely understand that inaction and acceptance is a big part of the problem and that it is up to the people to speak out. As you know though, I won't complain about how our country is run as I don't do anything to change it. I would have to become a Canadian citizen and that's money followed by years of waiting, which I'll have to do one day I suppose. Yes, I see the irony. Don't want to fork out so I can speak out but justify earning more to accommodate taxes I should be speaking out about. (follow that?)

Your post really started me thinking now, which is the most awesome part of these water cooler discussions. Now I'll actually process some work, make a few more bucks and think on it some more to avoid a knee jerk reply.

Thanks again, for a very insightful comment.

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So am I

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Yes it does

Max, your JOB just like all others, is, in your view, slavery. I fully agree with that also. I don't WANT to work for someone else everyday, I must though. I have my own things going too but, as you know, I am letting it all simmer these days. That means I have to work for a SHMOE that agrees he needs me for his business to succeed but he will often try to micromanage me anyway.
"My boss comes right out and tells me, I hired you because you are a professional with an excellent skill set that I really need." 10 minutes later he tries to tell me how I should be doing my job, but he pays me to listen to him and I do things HIS way, sometimes, just to show him that keeping his mouth shut is probably best for his company.

Yes, Max, I'm a working stiff again!

The only reason ANYONE works for someone else is 100% for a paycheck. We are forced to be employed. We train for slavery from the time we are toddlers at the Kindergarten Slavery Training Academy. It goes on for 12 more years! We better be good little slaves after 12 years of training! Some go on to being ranch owners and hire slaves themselves bu tit is not proportional to the number of slaves themselves.

All that BS about people loving their work, enjoying going to work each day etc is all pure BS. You can ENJOY your job but you wouldn't go to someone else's office each day and work for free . Sure you might start your OWN business doing the same thing but then you are making more money and working for yourself, when you want to work.

I'm totally lost now, started this post 40 mins ago and just got back to it, I think I'm way off topic now so I'll let it ride. Cheers Max!

DISCLOSURE: this commentary is in no way presented to equate the oppressive slavery, commonly recognized in our history, to the working life we all MUST face today. No man, woman or child of any race, colour or creed were enslaved due to writing of this copy. The preceding comments were intended purely for entertainment purposes and are in now way intended to cast a humourous light on nor reflect on our nation's inexcusable actions as being comedic in any way.

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I think you missed my point

by maxwell edison In reply to So am I

Consider this:

The government passes a law that mandates every citizen must spend X amount of time on a work farm. I actually know a lady this happened to. She's my age, and she grew up in China. Enough said. I think you know what she had to do; part of that cultural revolution in China. (I wonder if they still force teenagers to go to work camps in China.)

No, no,no, we might say. You can't FORCE someone to work for the benefit of another. That's slavery. And I don't think anyone would disagree.

Okay, the forced labor people might say; we won't make you work for a full year, we'll only make you work for four months of the year, so the remaining 8 months that person can work for her/himself.

But that's STILL four months of slavery, one might rebut.

Okay, you go ahead and work your regular job, the forced labor people might say, and you go ahead and get paid for the full 12 months of your work. But pay us 30 percent of what you earn.

Am I the idiot for comparing forced taxation on income to forcing someone to labor? Or are the slaves the idiots for not recognizing what they are?

The GDP in the USA is around 15 Trillion dollars per year. That means there's 15 Trillion dollars of spending, investing, consuming, etc.

If the government needs 3 Trillion dollars in revenue, for example, which is about what they collect in income taxes, it would be 20 percent of the GDP. Whether the dollars are taxed on the earning end or the spending end, it doesn't mean a decrease in revenue collected or a decrease in the GDP.

Contrary to the stupid notions advanced around here, "rich people" do not stuff money into mattresses. They spend, spend, spend. Find a way to exempt lower income people from being subjected to a consumption tax on the staples of life, and everyone would get by just fine.

And we wouldn't have the immoral practice of the government taking away the fruits of a person's labor.

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How's this for a "guarantee" AV?

by maxwell edison In reply to How could you guarantee

Do a little research and discover what kind of "guarantee" (promise) the progressives were making - the progressive proponents of the income tax - to those who opposed it.

It will go something like this:

Only the top wage earners (top single digit percent) will face an income tax, never lower income earners, and the income tax rate will not exceed 3 percent, or something like that.

Camel's nose theory on steroids.

"Guarantee" from government? Are you kidding me?

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Any exemptions?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to The best tax reform idea

Groceries (not prepared foods / restaurants), medication, clothing under ... oh, let's start at $50?

Does payment for services, where no physical goods are exchanged, count as consumption?

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