USB 2.0 PCI for DL 380 G3

By Ergo we surrender. ·
I'm going crazy trying to get USB 2.0 support in my DL 380 G3 server! I'm running Win SBS2003 and otherwise everything is working perfectly with this server.

It has 3 PCI-X slots- Slot 1 is PCI-X 133MHz (non-hot swap) and the other 2 - slots 2 & 3 are PCI-X 100MHz hot swap.

Here's the problem...

Card 1. First card I tried was ST Labs (VIA Chipset)- 3+1 USB 2.0 - Tried it in all 3 slots- the lights on the server front panel flash amber/green (never seen amber before!!) and the server won't boot. Took it out and tried in a desktop gigabyte PC- & of course it works fine!

Card 2. Second card I tried was Chronos (VIA Chipset) 5 Ports.
In Slot 1 the server complains during bios boot that card is PCI header 2 and cannot be configured by BIOS- card will have to be configured by OS... but when 2003 Server screen appears you get a Blue Screen with NMI Parity Error...
In slot 2 or 3 server boots up normally and detects new device. Win2003 loads native VIA USB 2 drivers. All seems OK... but

If you try to plug in a USB flash device (in this case USB 2 imation 1G) wham! the server blue screens and that damn 'NMI parity error is back'. However if you boot with the device attached- all is well and you can read/write to it- no problems.

I also tried a USB 2.0 Tape Drive (HPDAT72). Installs driver okay, seems to work when you use NTBackup to write to the device, but it always seems to fail during the Verify with a 'Hardware error- failure to read from the device'. I've tried a completely new Tape Drive unit- several new tapes and all do the same thing- fails on Verify about at about 85% done. It all leads me to think that the USB 2.0 card is either flaky or the PCI-X bus is doing some weird **it with the USB 2.0 card.

Went out and bought a 3rd card to try. This time a SWANN (NEC Chipset) USB 2.0 5 Port but alas when I went to install it noticed it will not allow me to fit it as there is only one notch in card, but 2 notches in slot.

I'm hoping someone else can help me? Perhaps there is something in the BIOS (hidden advanced settings???) that I can use to make a PCI-X slot in this beast behave?

Thanks. Daz

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Could be a VIA Chip Set problem

by OH Smeg In reply to USB 2.0 PCI for DL 380 G3

Why haven't you tried a different Chip Set USB Card?


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USB for Proliant DL380 G3

by Ergo we surrender. In reply to Could be a VIA Chip Set p ...

Trying a Belkin (NEC Chipset) But Space Corp Directives #2378954 say that VIA chipset should work, unfortunately as there is not much call for USB 2.0 PCI cards- most of the cards flooding the market are el-cheapo no-name & from other web searches - some cards work, some don't. I just have to find the working variety? BTW- I like your Handle ...

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Yes it is something different isn't it?

by OH Smeg In reply to USB for Proliant DL380 G3
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