USB AF - RJ45 Adapters, No Connectivity

By guthugger ·
Bought a couple of Female USB to RJ45 adapters so i could network a 2nd computer to my cable modem that has a usb port.

Connectivity from cable modem via USB port on my notebook/desktop is fine. When i try networking with the USB AF-RJ45 adapter I have no connectivity.

Tested 8 of these adapters on a couple machines and they all seem dead. Do these adapters need a specific USB driver when going from USB to RJ45 or are they not intended for networking period? Could be i got a bad batch but 0 out of 8 seems odd.

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Physical Adapter.

by 1bn0 In reply to USB AF - RJ45 Adapters, ...

The connectors look like they are only a physical adpater to convert one cabel type to another.

Maybe to extend the USB port through an existing RJ-45 etherent cable withy a corrsponding adapter at the other end. There is no indiaction this is anything else.



RJ-45Jk-----RJ-45Jk(cable in wall to another location



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Cable modems

by rahouseholder In reply to USB AF - RJ45 Adapters, ...

Even though your cable modem has both USB and RJ45 connections, only one PC can be connected to it at a time. If you want to network more computers to it, you will have to purchase a router...

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Highspeed modems with USB & RJ45 ports

by guthugger In reply to Cable modems

Depending on your Highspeed internet provider using both the RJ45 & USB to connect two computers to the *interweb* IS possible.

Some highspeed providers may disable the usb port in their modem firmware but most will leave it enabled for you to use, you do need 2 IP addresses for this to work, most highspeed internet service come with two ip addresses anyway so you merely plug in the usb cable and run the driver cd that came with your cable modem which has a driver for usb networking if you don't already have it installed

Sometimes the 2nd IP address to utilize the USB port on your Highspeed Modem may need to be enabled by your provider or via your cable/highspeed service online account settings page to add an additional IP address.

Speeds via USB i believe top out at 12Mbps which is sorta like surfing on highspeed *lite* or 802.11b wifi, good enough for video streaming/chat/torrenting but don't get greedy

Not using a router = no firewall = your computers are more verunable to port scanning and other possible intrusions so at minimum be running some antivirus/internet security software/software firewall to keep your box locked down from the hacker kiddies

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