USB causes system to crash

By a_godden ·
Hello, I'm hoping someone here can help me. When I connect any usb devices to my HP Pavillion laptop (dv8000) it causes the system to freeze. I can reboot the system but if there are any usb devices attached at boot up the system crashes while windows is loading.

This problem started about 3 weeks ago, after an unexplained complete system crash. The usb ports were working correctly for a day or two after I reinstalled windows xp and then they stopped.

I have check the drives and updated the bios windows, hp and device drives. The windows device manager claims the ports are working normally - of course there are no devices attached when I run these checks. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the all the USB related controllers.

Can anyone suggest a solution to this problem? I don't use my USB ports everyday but I do need them.

Thanks so much for your help.


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What about Safe Mode

by L-Mo In reply to USB causes system to cras ...

Does this happen in safe mode? No particular reason except I like to use it to help me determine if my problems relate to software or hardware.

Have you installed the latest drivers for the machine? You may want to try an earlier driver version.

Good luck :)

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safe mode with command prompt

by a_godden In reply to What about Safe Mode

I tried to boot the system in safe mode as you've suggested, but it froze at windows/system/mup.sys file. This is the same place that it crashed at before I had to reinstall the os 3 weeks ago. The usb ports weren't a problem (that I noticed) until about 3 days after the reboot. I wonder if these problems are related?

Do you have any recommendations?


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by rbtechguy In reply to safe mode with command pr ...

Can you access the recovery console from the cd and copy and replace mup.sys?

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by a_godden In reply to recovery

I have the recovery cd, but i'm not sure how to copy and replace the mup.sys file. Could you tell me how to do this?

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found this link

by rbtechguy In reply to recovery

Might help?

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the link

by a_godden In reply to found this link

If I understand the link and other pages I've been reading the problem doesn't lie with the mup file, but with loading the PnP drivers which follows.

The system checks indicate that the usb drivers are okay. Could these checks be wrong?

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Probably not...

by rbtechguy In reply to the link

Installed any new components recently? Keyboard, mouse, etc...

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new components

by a_godden In reply to Probably not...

In a sense I did, nothing before the system crashed but after I had to reinstall the system. The only hardware (usb) that I used before this problem started was my external hd. I was able to use it for few days (copying over my files) before this problem developped.

All my external components are usb based, which means I cannot use them now (scanner, ipaq, external hd).

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There's something that's been missed so far ! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to safe mode with command pr ...

When you say that the attempt to boot into 'Safe Mode with Networking' froze at "windows/system/mup.sys" what EXACTLY do you mean that it froze.

How long did you leave it before you decided it had frozen ?

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nothing happened after

by a_godden In reply to There's something that's ...

When I attempt to boot in safe mode or regular mode with a usb cable attached the computer freezes at the same point everytime. By freeze I mean that for at least 10 minutes (this was the longest I've left it for) there is no sign of hd activity, the screen doesnt change, when you press buttons on the keyboard nothing happens.

The computer also freezes (same as above) when I connect a usb cable after windows has booted.

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