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USB Chainsaw

By Ed Woychowsky ·
Part of me thinks that this is a joke. Another, part of me asks, "Why?" And, yet there's still a part of me that wants a <a href="">USB powered chainsaw</a>. Although using it on the computer would on bad days would be a temptation.<p/>It's a Y chromosome thing.

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George Foreman USB Grill

by mdhealy In reply to USB Chainsaw

A while back the Think Geek site added a George Foreman USB Grill to their product offerings. The listing first appeared on April First, which ought to be a clue that it was a joke. The USB 2.0 specification permits up to 0.5 amp at 5 volts, or at most 2.5 watts. The coming USB 3.0 standard will increase the power somewhat, but we are still talking well under 10 watts here. So chainsaws, cooking appliances, and the like are simply not possible. And even if one is not familiar with the USB standards, the physical size of the wires in a USB connector ought to be a clue!

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"using it on the computer"

by seanferd In reply to USB Chainsaw

Simply plugging it in might cause serious damage.

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Only damage of a certain sort

by santeewelding In reply to "using it on the computer ...

Like I said, it would put a stop to verbiage.

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PreOrder closed...find out why

by C F USA In reply to USB Chainsaw

click on the bottom of the site on the banner to find out why. :)And I really wanted one

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