Usb Mouse and Keyboard not working.

By deaus ·
Hi, I've got a bit of a problem, I just got a new mouse and keyboard (Razer DeathAdder and Razer Lycosa). Both of which come with drivers and a manual.

My current keyboard and mouse both connect via PS/2 (the keyboard has a PS/2 connector where the mouse came with a USB / PS/2 connector).

I followed the instructions stated with the manual to install both the mouse and keyboard but I've had little luck making them both work.. On start up, the keyboard works, i can press 'Del' and enter the bios, i can also turn on and off Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock etc. But as soon as it begins to load windows, the keyboard cuts off and none of the buttons function any more.

I managed to get the mouse to work at one point (no idea how) but i uninstalled all the drivers and restored my computer in hope of getting the keyboard to work too.. Now neither of them work.

Im running on Windows XP (Service Pack 3, i also tried using service pack 2 which it didnt work).

I've tried using the mouse in the PS/2 converter and my computer still didnt pick it up. And also i plugged the mouse and keyboard into another computer in which after the computer booted, about 2 / 3 mins it began to work WITHOUT installing any drivers.

I've also tried uninstalling the keyboard and mouse, reconnecting the new keyboard and mouse, and just waiting for a while, ive tried loggin in (using old keyboard), installing drivers, restarting computer and that hasnt worked either.

I'm thinking of buying a USB hub or USB PCI card to see if it works though that but im actually pretty clueless...

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Well if your motherboard and BIOS doesn't support

by CG IT In reply to Usb Mouse and Keyboard no ...

booting to USB keyboard and mouse, your out of luck.

But on the off chance you do have that capability, try using the back USB ports. Try the 2 farthest on the left first.

Note: don't install drivers. See if Windows discovers the devices via Plug and Pray. It should.

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After a couple more hours..

by deaus In reply to Well if your motherboard ...

So essentially it just wont work then? Ive just got a new PCI USB card to try using them, to clarify a little more when i plug in my mouse and keyboard they are recogznised, the system asks me to install drivers, but they dont work even after ive installed the drivers (and before).

I tried using the mouse though the PS/2 port yet it still doesnt work, which i dont understand... because my previous mouse works though that port..

All that seems to happen is that windows doesnt detect any input via this mouse and this keyboard..


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by fettu1293 In reply to After a couple more hours ...

Take it one step at a time here. Start with trying to install your USB keyboard; once that works at a satisfactory level then proceed to install your mouse. You're trying to hit two birds with one stone right now. :-)

Start from scratch, uninstall your new keyboard drivers. Is your old keyboard PS/2? If so, reboot with the PS/2 keyboard and your USB Keyboard. Once Windows XP is loaded, if windows tries to install drivers, say no (taking for granted you have your Drivers on hand, if not, install the Windows XP drivers).
Post results here

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Tried this and no luck

by deaus In reply to response....

so far all thats happened is the keyboard has done the same as before, no responce from any keys. The old keyboard is PS/2 and works fine, the old mouse is PS/2 and works fine, yet when trying the new mouse though a PS/2 Converter it doesnt work either..

Wierdly the mouse did start to work, until i rebooted my computer and then it stoped working..

edit: Just to say, i have tried booting with JUST the old keyboard (PS/2) and the new keyboard (USB) and only the PS/2 one worked.

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by fettu1293 In reply to Tried this and no luck

I researched the issue with some colleagues of mine and it appears to be a common occurence with the Razer DeathAdder mouse. If you get the "USB Device Not Recognised" error message, there's nothing more you can do but return it with RMA asap.

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Thank you

by deaus In reply to response

Thanks for the help but I'm not sure if it's actually a hardware issue.. i mean the mouse and keyboard worked pretty much instantly on another PC, it just seems its not working on this computer. I'm going to test it on linux (on this machine) to see if its just my install of XP.

I've tried reinstalling all the USB drivers, uninstalling the keyboard, checked the registry, scanned for viruses etc..

I'm really kind of stumped, what could cause it to not work? If it works on a linux build, its got to be to do with my installation of XP, and i have no idea where to start =[

Thanks for all the help so far!

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Solving this problem

by Exsosus In reply to Usb Mouse and Keyboard no ...

"edit: Just to say, i have tried booting with JUST the old keyboard (PS/2) and the new keyboard (USB) and only the PS/2 one worked."

Your USB ports may not be working correctly. Try plugging in other USB products, such as a printer, a phone or a scanner. Also, try bringing your USB mouse and keyboard to a friend's home and plug them into their computer, and give it a try.

This will solve your mystery.

If in fact your USB ports are not working, consider re-installing Windows as your USB drivers (the Windows ones) may be corrupt.

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