USB ports strange problem?

By Kerah ·
i have a Toshiba satellite C650 lap top win7 operating system and the problem with the USb ports as described
- when i connect my mouse its OK and there are no problem
- when i connect my stack flash, its OK to explore the contents
- when i try to copy from the flash drive to my lap the USb ports gets out of use and i must restart my lap to get it back in use.
- i have checked the drivers for the USB and it was OK
- i have reinstalled the operating system but the problem stilled in apperance
- if any one face this problem before please lets discuss

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Reponse To Answer

by Kerah In reply to Two Options you can do:

i have made the two options you posted before but the problem appears again

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Could be power.

by Alpha_Dog In reply to USB ports strange problem ...

USB devices pull a good bit of power. You need to check all the combination of devices in another computer. If it works on the other computer, you may wish to try installing a powered USB hub or replacing the power supply to the laptop.

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there was a solution for this problem

by Kerah In reply to USB ports strange problem ...

this solution enabels me to use the usb sticks for longer time but not much time
- i made a small edit to the registry under
i removed all the drive letters which not existing in my system and then it works fine but not for long time the problem appears again but after more time.

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When you make ANY changes to your system through the registry..

You need to reboot your system for the changes to take affect.

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If you have your Windows 7 disk handy...

You could do a repair.
Load the disk in the drive and reboot your machine.
Press any key to make it start with the dvd disk.
Press the install button.
Then look down to the bottom left you will see "Repair", click on this and then select the repair option.

Right-click "My-Computer", select Properties.
Click Hardware. Open device manager. Find your USB network device. Double-click it. Select the Power tab and clear the "turn this device off to conserve power" checkbox.

Hope this does the job for you.

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USB assignments

by ITOdeed In reply to USB ports strange problem ...

I have a Toshiba A205 running Vista HP with four USB 2.0 ports, and this USB assignment problem happens to me on one of my ports when I reboot the laptop. However, the USB port doesn't disappear. It is assigned a different drive letter. It was originally assigned drive letter F, but after each reboot Vista reassigns it to E. This phenomenon happens when an item in one of used ports is unplugged and the laptop is rebooted while the item is unplugged.

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Check ur flash drive kit for any installable CD for using it in a PC

by In reply to USB ports strange problem ...

Sometimes, its weird to see that certain Flash drives or External HDDs comes with an installation CD/DVD whatever. I wonder why this is required when those are USB devices or USB enabled. Sometimes, certain flash drives uses USB services, may be, for security purposes on the contents of ur flash drive. So,check if any and try install those. Again, not sure this would help but lets try out that.

BTW, a general question here... if the question is answered, will that be marked as answered so that the question need not to be answered by anyone else?

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Who is going around and putting negative votes on the Certified Experts and Masters?

by Awahili Guni In reply to USB ports strange problem ...

I know these folks and like myself; we are certified Experts to Masters - and if one looks, they are posting a negative on every single Certified Expert / Master's recommendation and suggestion?

I find this absolutely an insinuating insult; unless we have a "TROLL" in here?

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Here is another option that no one has posted yet, don't despair:

by Awahili Guni In reply to USB ports strange problem ...

TWO MORE THINGS - One you can do and another if you are not comfortable in doing the first; then try the second:

First - create a restore point before proceeding - it is easier to go to Control Panel - System - then System Protection and create a restore point faster this way than anything else, just click, click, click and go - name it whatever you want, then I suggestthat you copy and paste if all possible print it out or write it down because it isn't complex or complicated.

Go to Start - Control Panel, to your Hardware Devices; scrolling down - look for ALL of your USB PORTS - right click, a pop up box will appear:

(Do this one at a time)

On the tab panel (usually the last one in most cases but sometimes it's the first one in "advanced" - but take your time to locate it), look for the Driver Info with the options (because some are in the Normal Mode and others run in the Classic Mode is the reason why I am posting in this method). Click on Driver Update, if it asks for a disk, ignore, select Windows Update or let Windows Automatically locate it for you which would include Windows Update. If it says that the driver you have is the best driver or is the updated driver.

Go to the next one and repeat it until you have completed the list of the USB Ports.

Remain online - making sure you are connected via Direct Connect (e.g. like cable connection rather than Wi-Fi / Wireless) running on the adapter (power source) and not battery.

Now in that hardware list - delete them, and reboot; when you return back online - Windows 7 will automatically will install new hardware, you will see this icon on the lower right (standard mode unless you have tweaked it); then go to Windows Update and run a Manual Mode of Windows Update which will automatically search for updates.

Much of the time, this resolves the issue.

Sometimees Windows Diagnostics aka "Windows Trouble Shooting" will automatically appear if there were issues or problems. There is another alternate mode if you do not feel comfortable in doing this:

Go to Microsoft's website and type in FIX IT - click on Windows - Select OS Version of 7 - Option Hardware and Devices, install the program and let it run and repair the issues for you.

While it will always create a restore point; in case it didn't "fix It" - but it is handy because 99.9% of the time, it does work!

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something else nobody has mentioned.

by .Martin. In reply to USB ports strange problem ...

shorting ports? I had the same problem on a laptop that the USB was shorting, and giving the exact same problems. you could get it replaced with a new port, but that would quite expensive.

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