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Use of a certification

By venkat_1781 ·
hai all

i have both mcse and ccna certification.i have experince in wuindows nt 4.0
.but not on cisco routers.Still iam not getting any satisfactory job. Could you please tell me whether doing any more certificatin will be usefull. Orjust go out and work wih this experince.

thanks in advance.

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Help Desk quagmire.

by nonamecharlie In reply to Help Desk?

It is a good stepping stone but you can get stuck there (Gosh, who do I know in that predicament?).

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Begin making your escape plan..

by road-dog In reply to Help Desk quagmire.

I've seen people who are "unreplaceable and thus unpromotable". The key is to have a heart-to-heart with your boss and explain your predicament. If you get nowhere, and your skillset makes you suitable for a higher position, you might want to bring it to his attention that if you do find that promotion at another company, he will lose you anyway. Explain that you do not want to go, but you will if you have to.

A wise manager will try to keep you as an asset to your company even if it is notunder him.

I've seen several good people move up from help desk to support using this argument.

Good luck, nobody likes feeling "stuck".

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That does sound reasonable..

by nonamecharlie In reply to Begin making your escape ...

...but my boss would be featured on those "rant about your IT job discussions", I just keep pounding the pavement and brushing up on my skills between 1 and 4 in the morning.

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Is this guy the helpdesk Sup?

by road-dog In reply to That does sound reasonabl ...

Hopefully, this boss is over the help desk and not whatever other department covers what you want to do. If he is not, get qualified/certified at the tasks that would be required of you in that department. Meet/greet the current employees there. Network Network Network. When a position opens up, make sure that you are the #1 person the other folks think of to fill it. Make sure that your buddies in the other department KNOW that you're interested, and that you want to know as soon as they find out that a position is going to open.

Make sure that you are ready for the posting when it happens, check in with HR and articulate your qualifications.

Good luck!

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