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User perception of IT staff as irrelevant or slackers

By Steve_IT ·
OK, here's the issue...

Our department has come under fire for our perceived "slackness" This is mainly fuelled by people seeing us coming and going at non-standard hours (not knowing the real hours put in) and the fact that we all refuse to get stressed / angry when they are having problems. We are the normal bunch of guys who happen to love and enjoy our jobs, who get along well and even management conceed we are doing a great job.

The problem is how to fix the public PERCEPTION that we are not worth our pay etc. etc.

Any ideas???

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The old run aways

by Fred123456 In reply to Another fun one

Back in Win95 days there were some great gags called the runaways.
They were mostly mouse related, where the mouse would just not do what it was told.

But one of the best was the one that made the windows you had open runaway from your mouse. Go anywhere near the Title bar with your mouse, any button up their and the window would just sort of slide away before you could touch it.

I loaded that on a buddies PC at work and it was hilarious. For a moment he thought it was possessed

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Those were great

by w2ktechman In reply to The old run aways

I had a bunch of them.
Not long ago I was going through old cd's, and found a bunch. Loaded them onto my 98 box for the memories...

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by Dumphrey In reply to Another fun one

I remember that one. My current favorite atm is BSOD screen saver from systernals. It Simulates a blue screen and a lot of verbal print garbage. Pretty fun really.

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Especially if simulating HDD activity

by w2ktechman In reply to OMG

I had it running on my NT4 system for years, and tech's would come by and tell me I needed to fix my system often. Lol, sometimes I had to tell the same person 4-5 times efore they got the clue that my system Was not really BSOD'd. And for a few, all I had to do was move the mouse before they believed me.

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ha ha ha ha ha ha ha choking wiping tears

by sgt_shultz In reply to Whaaa

that was funny. and somewhat tempting.
hey gerber, i grew up in rochester michigan. where do you work? maybe they will can YOUR *** and I can get your job...

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By all means...TAKE IT!

by gerberb58 In reply to ha ha ha ha ha ha ha chok ...

Shultz, you can have this contract, micromanaged POS position anytime you can choke it. I have already accepted a position in S. Florda to start in June. A REAL job. So move back to MI, watch your home value go down the tubes, keep watching as this Bit*h of a gov. raises every tax known to man as people bail out of this state faster than 4 internet t1's. Soon to be "Michtucky" SEEEYAAAA...

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What a boneheaded response!

by w2ktechman In reply to So......

do you actually work in IT, or just pretend to?

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Yes I do

by gerberb58 In reply to What a boneheaded respons ...

And apparently, much toooooooo long. I've heard them all. I know just what he is talking about. The last end user that questioned my "work ethic" never used his PC again at that company. I turned is cyber days into vaporware. He was canned a week later.

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by Fred123456 In reply to Yes I do

Nice.. So now your just proving to us that your work ethic is vindictive and childish.

I'll bet you admin password is GOD isn't it..

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You know his name is Gerber

by w2ktechman In reply to Nice..

isnt that a baby food co.?
Does that mean he is a baby???

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