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User perception of IT staff as irrelevant or slackers

By Steve_IT ·
OK, here's the issue...

Our department has come under fire for our perceived "slackness" This is mainly fuelled by people seeing us coming and going at non-standard hours (not knowing the real hours put in) and the fact that we all refuse to get stressed / angry when they are having problems. We are the normal bunch of guys who happen to love and enjoy our jobs, who get along well and even management conceed we are doing a great job.

The problem is how to fix the public PERCEPTION that we are not worth our pay etc. etc.

Any ideas???

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by gerberb58 In reply to You know his name is Gerb ...

I wish my name was Gerber, that way I wouldn't have to work in IT, just make food and collect millions...LOL.

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A few things to look at

by w2ktechman In reply to User perception of IT sta ...

First, is the job getting done?
How does management feel about the IT dept?
Do you have to do research, upgrades, etc.?
If those are going well, there should be little concern for your appearance to others. But there are things that can be done to increase the IT appearance.
Work with different department, poll them to see what can/may be made better for them to work more efficiently. This does not have to be constant (like you are bored), but an ongoing thing where departments can add feedback that can help them.
But dont stop there, look into their needs and address them, even if the answer is ultimately a "no". They can/will feel more appreciated by IT, and will know that you are at least looking into their problems/needs.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to User perception of IT sta ...

man, it always keeps coming back to that.
i spend most of my first 6 months at a new job developing, cultivating.
listening. following up. writing up instructions. do it their way etc etc
hey, where did this soapbox come from?
(sound of me pushing it back under bench)

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Ya Volt!

by Fred123456 In reply to relationships

To quote your name sake...
I see nothing, I know nothing!

Schultz! Close the gates! The War is back on!

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change their perception

by Dr Dij In reply to User perception of IT sta ...

alot of good points came up, such as who cares, etc.

But it can't hurt to do a few small things.

Always carry a notebook.
Look worried.
Be friendly but professional; keep to minimum the watercooler chat during working hours (ok at lunch or after work), even if she's really cute :).

If any of those users stop you for questions, be nice to them but unless work related act like you're in a hurry, ask them to put their question thru the proper channels. Support request, etc unless you can do it in 15 seconds and have time right then.

Carry a cup of coffee in with you when you enter the building later than normal starting time. Mutter within their hearing about having to stay late (or traveling to other offices, etc), but not complaining, instead that you're HAPPY to be doing this, and wish you could leave when they left.

This is regardless of when you actually stay till. My preference is to stay late only if a real emergency. Otherwise I'm working smart, not hard as House MD says. (OK, my gf likes him, don't know why).

If things don't get done and you were working all day, isn't your fault and they need to hire extra help. Leave on time or close to it. But if you're on a roll and can finish something up quickly, stay and do it.

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i never work overtime anymore

by sgt_shultz In reply to change their perception

I never work overtime anymore. are you guys actually still pulling mid-nighters?

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Take a department-wide vacation.

by Absolutely In reply to User perception of IT sta ...

If they don't notice you've gone, they're right. If they do notice, and wish you were not gone, you have won.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Take a department-wide va ...

the best response yet! I have actually suggested a 'day off' for the whole dept. a few times, and rotate it throughout all of the various IT departments. See how much people get done if say, a router goes down....

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Fatal application

by Leee In reply to Take a department-wide va ...

I agree with the vacation -- it's safer than losing your job and everyone finding out the hard way!<br><br>
At the last place I worked, our IT-department-within-a-department had that same reputation. So they eliminated our jobs. It was a university, so they were not permitted to refill jobs they'd eliminated. Since then, I understand, the department has more or less collapsed upon itself. (They don't call it infrastructure for nothing!)

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c'mon now . . . .

by martin In reply to User perception of IT sta ...

you know its really true - and you think you've got all us customers fooled just because you can talk geek!

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