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User perception of IT staff as irrelevant or slackers

By Steve_IT ·
OK, here's the issue...

Our department has come under fire for our perceived "slackness" This is mainly fuelled by people seeing us coming and going at non-standard hours (not knowing the real hours put in) and the fact that we all refuse to get stressed / angry when they are having problems. We are the normal bunch of guys who happen to love and enjoy our jobs, who get along well and even management conceed we are doing a great job.

The problem is how to fix the public PERCEPTION that we are not worth our pay etc. etc.

Any ideas???

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Have you a CIO?

by SIObserver In reply to User perception of IT sta ...

Having read some of the responses to your post I totally disagree that "retaliation" of any sort is advised. That in fact would prompt me to terminate your employment (thus solving the problem for you) were I in a position to do so.

Having said that, I presume you do have a supervisor who I also presume would report to the CIO of your company.

This situation should be brought to the attention of the CIO. Problems of the nature you describe ARE solvable by management. They are not within the purview of "worker bees".

I do though wonder why it is that management "conceded" you are doing a good job. If management has been made aware of the problem as it appears from their "concession" what has management done to resolve the problem?

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Snotty comments

by GSG In reply to User perception of IT sta ...

In the past I've had people comment about me coming in late, leaving early, or not working on Thursday and Friday. I don't ignore the problem, but let them know that I drove in at 11pm, let them know it was an hour drive, and that I've been there 15 straight hours, and already have 60 hours and it's only Wednesday, and I have to come back at 3am tomorrow. Then I ask them if they want to trade jobs. Of course I'm cranky, all the makeup has warn off, and I look like Charles Manson on a bad day, so I'm not sure what made them stop.

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You handled that more politely than I would.

by Absolutely In reply to Snotty comments

I'd tell them I have more important skills, I earned my knowledge by hard work, the work that I do is worth all their lifetimes' productivity, and I can automate a pole to shove up their ****** if they want to keep whining at me about work they aren't paying me to do. Impertinent little wastes of skin.

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Just so you know

by martin.swart In reply to User perception of IT sta ...

If you are reading this, you are slacking. GET BACK TO WORK.

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by Absolutely In reply to Just so you know

If you aren't personally paying me to work, you have no complaint about the work that I do, or don't do.

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I agree

by martin.swart In reply to Likewise.

I conly put that comment in to see what reaction I would get. Talking to people outside your company about IT and finding out what they know and think should be part of everyones job description.

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by dean.owen In reply to User perception of IT sta ...

Publish stats of the work you do. . . helpdesk calls, projects, emails, etc. We used to send each department head a monthly statement listing the service tickets: who in their department made the call, description of the call, who from IT was working on the call and what the status was. The volume of work we were faced with surprised a lot of people...and the fact that we completed a high percentage of requests within an acceptable (KPI) timeframe satisfied most folks. It pays to advertise . . .


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And you care ... why exactly?

by Absolutely In reply to User perception of IT sta ...

"...and even management conceed we are doing a great job.

The problem is how to fix the public PERCEPTION that we are not worth our pay etc. etc."

Who signs your pay checks? Whose PERCEPTION counts?

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Under fire from whom?

by Eddie N In reply to User perception of IT sta ...

Yes, yes, I know: "perception is reality" and all that, but...who has the perception? If it is users, well, quite honestly, that is their problem. You guys in the IT department may do your at odd hours, but YOU DO YOUR JOBS -- if you didn't, I can assure you, management would ensure that you no longer have jobs!

As long as you know that you are doing your jobs, and as long as you can prove that to management -- you know, the guys who pay your salaries? -- then I really wouldn't bother about what "mere users" think. Personally, I think they're just jealous of the fact that guys in IT get to wear jeans and T-shirts to work while they have to always be in suits :)

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