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Users of XP should just Dump it

By Ez_Customs ·
Windows XP was and still is the most pirated software out there in terms of OS. This reason is because well Frankly, the people think the same way I do. XP isn't worth the money to buy it. Okay Vista OG was a flop, but even Windows VIsta Owns XP when installed with SP1 installed from the Get Go.

However I do agree with MS pushing Windows 7. Why? Well becuase in teh 3 years or so I have been using, I myself and all my customers who took the plung, never ounce had anything happen that got in the way. The only ones that did were people who didn't have hardware with Vista drivers available. With this said. MS is doing the right thing, finally in teh what 25 years they have been around. The end users need to wake up and figure out that better technology of course always has a learnign curve, but really 7 is and will always be easier to learn the XP ever was.

Sure Bill Gates Prized OS XP did turn out to be a decent OS, and finally spending 10 bux as I did to get my legit copy was actualyl worth it, but Windows 7 is worth every penny. Stop laggin Wake up and get off XP, IT iS DEAD!

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to :D

Cheap electroplate bling.

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by seanferd In reply to 'plung'

Good question, great answer. I see that everything is under control here.

Have you added this to the Urban Dictionary?

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Users of XP should just Dump it ?...Yes and no!!..

If you are at home and want to have a new Windows operating system to look cool, then yes go for it.
In a working environment, such as big corporations, they tend to hold on to their money because to a big company it costs more because of the licensing of many computers, not just the one (computer) or two (computers) but could be quite a few hundred.
PLUS on top of all that, different applications made (or coded) for the companies operating systems are (sometimes) running soundly, so why change all of that to go backwards and start all over again, test upon test with each bit of hardware and software. Home use yes, work place (depending on your size) no.

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