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User's password reset via Windows logon screen

By FedeCZ ·

I would like to know if someone have any idea of how to able an user in a domain controled enviroment (Active Directoy) to reset it own password in case it has forgotten it via the Windows logon screen.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

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React uses the "name of the first girl who slapped you"

by robo_dev In reply to Follow-up for robo_dev

and know, those silly enrollment questions.

In our case the user has to answer the 'first car you owned', 'what city you were born in', questions.

We are working with the vendor to see if we can use the the employee phone extension or employee badge number as one of the questions.

Lisa, Chevy Vega, Gary Indiana....whoops.

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Don't like such security questions

by TobiF In reply to React uses the "name of t ...

I prefer to remember my password.
If a site forces me to enter this kind of "security answers", I usually enter something like "ojf9iqhg9qngqn[bni" and pray that their logics will never ask me to repeat that garbish...

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Security Questions are the way Paris Hilton's cell phone got hacked

by robo_dev In reply to Don't like such security ...

Her security questions were her dog's name, where she was born, and her high school name....all data you can find in 30 seconds with Google. :)

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Paris Hilton. Enough said. (nt)

by Juanita Marquez In reply to Security Questions are th ...
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How do they get to the React app in the first place?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to React uses the "name of t ...

Does it add a "I forgot" button to the login screen? How do users get to the questions?

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by robo_dev In reply to How do they get to the Re ...

There's a square at the bottom that says

Locked yourself out?
Forgot Your Password?
No problem, Just Click Here.

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by sarasony In reply to User's password reset via ...

is your operating system is windows7 or vista? i know windows7 can create a password cd/dvd after you create a windows password , you can use this dvd to recovery your windows password when you lost the windows password, i recommend you a password reset here, i think it is a professional one, the download page is:

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