Vanishing Restore Points

By Africanpete ·
On my home computer I have multiple operating systems installed. I use one copy of Windows XP with SP2 for my private and business needs and a second copy of Windows XP with SP 1 is used by the rest of the family. Windows 2000 is also installed to run some legacy applications not supported by XP. All three OSs are installed on separated disk drives.

Since installed SP 2 on my "personal" copy of XP I have noted that the System Restore Points seem to "vanish" from time to time, for no apparant reason.I have the Disk Space Usage set to maximum, which in this case is 960MB.

This is is not a something I had ever noticed prior to installing SP2. This phenomenon is very disconcerting because recently I had reason to use a previous Restore Point to recover after installing a software appication on my family XP sytem. As a case in point yesterday on my personal XP system I checked and there were five Restore Points highlighted as available. Today the Restore Point for yesterday is only one highlighted and available.One of the major reasons I purchased and upgraded to XP was the System Restore Point facility.

Could someone please advise me what could be causing this apparant loss of System Restore Points and what is the solution.

A worried African Pete

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The points vanish

by computacentre In reply to Vanishing Restore Points

the more info that collects , so if you try deleting all temp folders info and see does this process slow down the restore point deletion.You could have as much as 20,000 temp files all being acumalated and backed up for no reason and the temp files off sp2 are probably the cause

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Vanashing Restore Points

by Africanpete In reply to The points vanish

Thank you for your reply computercentre. I don't think this is the problem. I have for some time being regularly using Zappit and CCleaner to purge teporary and duplicate folders/files from my system, so I don't think this is the cause of the deletion of Restore Points. I have also set the space to maximum, 960MB. Do you have any other suggestions?

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I think that

by dawgit In reply to Vanashing Restore Points

You just answered your own question right there. While I'm not familuar with 'Zappit' at all, if it does what I think it does, and what 'CCleaner' does do, it can cause that. You can also do it your self. The (one of the) controls for the System restore is located: 'My Computer' -> Properties (System properties card) -> System Restore. There you can adjust your settings, pick which drive you want protected by the sys restore program, or turn it off. As you have said you have more than one OS on that computer, you should have only the disk chosen that that OS is on. Other wise the system restore program will have problems trying to find the data from the other disks. Also keep in mind that the restore data IS temp data. Removing ALL temp data by way of third party soft-ware is probably removing your restore points. This (restore) data stored can get rather large at times, depending on haow much of a sys you have built up. Sometimes you might 'want to' clean that up a bit, hense the third party soft-ware. Or, with-out spending any more of your money, do it your-self with a Windows trick.
The trick; Go again to the System Restore Card, check the box 'Turn off System Restore on all drives'. After you do the 'Apply' and 'Ok' do a disk clean up. Then do a 'Restart', or 'New Start' on your computer. Volla gone. Now, go back and restart to system restore program. (Don't forget to do that either.) I would sugest you also go through the 'normal' options. Go to the 'Start' -> 'Control Panel' -> 'Performance and Maintenance', and there on the mini card at the upper left you'll see 'System Restore'. Click on that and walk through the program. (after checking the box: 'Create New Restore Point'. Done. Now your protected. -d

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Do a test

by computacentre In reply to Vanashing Restore Points

If your system is stable at the moment , then erase all restore points an see how fast they delete then from scratch.It all depends on how much needs to be restored at that time

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