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Can u suggest any project or topic to work !
which is exciting and stands out from the normal e.g. like bank,employee,hostel,hotel,inventory,income tax etc..

something different ?
Need to do for colege project .
I am not an expert and
I also have to link a database to the frontend and be able to edit it from the front end. So Any one whoo can help please send me a mail or reply.
Using VB 6.0 and SQL(suggest a good SQL software) only

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You flounder

by santeewelding In reply to VB 6.0

Shakespeare did not flounder.

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don't go by name

by In reply to You flounder

don't judge a person by the email id he/she uses!

by the name i don't mean to steal any of the credits given to him even i respect him!
please give advice,suggestions,opinions
but not criticisms(have heard a lot of that)
because with that neither you go forward nor the person u critisise

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write a game engine that uses a database for instructions

by Slayer_ In reply to VB 6.0

A simple side scroller with the images and stats stored in the database. It's not too hard. You can skip directX if you find it too advanced, just use bitblit and/or transparentblit.

I suggest this cause it's what I did :).

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If you want exciting, why are using VB6?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to VB 6.0

It's what 10 - 15 years out of date, and it was crap when it came out.

At least try

Change college, VB6 ....

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It's got one large advantage

by Slayer_ In reply to If you want exciting, why ...

It runs without the need of any extra dependencies and a 400mb .Net install :). Worst Case Scenerio is the workstation needs the VB6Runtimes install, whats that, like 4 mb? So far for every system I've tested, Win 98 and up seem to have the Runtimes installed with, I think Internet Explorer 6. (A guess cause my 95 never got them and only difference between my 95 and 98 was 98 was running IE5.5)

VB6 doesn't seem to run so hot under Windows 7 though

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You are going struggle on the exciting front

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to It's got one large advant ...

without one or two references.

I suppose if he's on windows 95 or 98, it makes a vague sort of sense.

I still don't get why anyome would want to learn VB6 now. I never got why anyone learnt with it when it was current.

It's got more bad habits than a baghead.

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It's a challenge

by Slayer_ In reply to You are going struggle on ...

To code with good habits on a language that almost encourages you to use bad habits.

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I hear you loud and clear

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to It's a challenge

on that front, and therein lies the rub.
To do that you have to know how to code properly before you go near VB6, yet it was designed for those who couldn't, and if they didn't, never will.

PS thanks for the thumb, I was begining to feel 134 had been etched into my display.

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Plus, Good code isn't as important as company standards

by Slayer_ In reply to I hear you loud and clear

Unless your the only programmer, chances are there is standards.

For example, we do most of our code in VBA, so some standards include, single letter variable annotation, always use Call statements and brackets. All prefix all objects, modules, etc. fully. So me.textbox.text = "blah", not textbox="blah"
You also got to do me.textbox.text = ucase$("blah") not me.textbox.text = ucase("blah")

Doesn't really matter what is proper or good coding practices. Its standard in the organization.

And I really hate reading peopls code when they do thing slike multiple lines of code on one line, inline IFs, fail to use call statements and brackets.

I really really hate when a function gets stringed into several other functions and none of them are using brackets.
How many times I've seen this really annouys me

processexit textbox, textboxprocess(textbox)

Actually is
processexit(sText as string, textboxprocess(oTBox as object) as textbox)

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by In reply to You are going struggle on ...

Mumbai University is Ancient,Primitive,StoneAge,etc....
What do u want to call ?
i will go by u!

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