VB6 portable DLL error

By dlandmesser ·
Hey all. I am trying to run a VB6 portable version that I "acquired" but I am encountering the following error:

"DAO350.DLL could not be registered"

I'm not terribly sure what that means. I ran a search on my drive and couldn't find the DLL. I'm assuming the error means the file is not found, but it doesn't say the file isn't found. Maybe I need the DLL. Anyway, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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by dlandmesser In reply to VB6 portable DLL error

I googled for the file and downloaded it. I put it in the system32 folder. It still won't open. Now I'm confused. It won't give me the option to browse for the file. Any guesses?

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The file path is wrong

by TSoft In reply to update

I remember sometime I had that problem..but the file should be located in following path:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO

try this..hope this could help you!


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by dlandmesser In reply to The file path is wrong

Awesome! Let try moving it there. Hopefully that's the issue. I'll let you know if it works.

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by dlandmesser In reply to awesome

Hmm... I see what's going on. I'm on a domain and I don't have admin rights to put that file in that folder. Looks like all system folders have been locked down. Any way to tell VB6 where to find the file? It doesn't really prompt me, it just gives the error. There is a file in that path you mentioned, but it's a different version "ODE360" or something like that. Maybe I can edit the VB6 to use that other file? Any clue how to do that one? Maybe an INI file somewhere? I'll poke around for it. Let me know if you think of anything else.

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RE: update

by familyhendrix In reply to update

It's probably a bad idea to copy a DLL onto your system. The link below references MSDN article on configuring DAO objects.

I think DAO350.dll is a COM object that needs to be registered with RegSvr32.exe. The article linked above should provide the needed information. But, ideally, you should be able to install the DAO objects with your VB install disk.

Once you have DAO configured correctly, you should be able to open your VB project references (menu item "Project | References") and specify the location of the DAO object you need to compile.

Good luck.

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No access

by dlandmesser In reply to RE: update

Yeah, at this point I think I'm hosed. I don't even have access to copy files to specific folders. I doubt I'll be able to register any DLLs. I'll just run it on my personal laptop. Thanks for the effort however.

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not required

by alan williams In reply to VB6 portable DLL error

posted twice

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Possibly other files are required

by alan williams In reply to VB6 portable DLL error

You may need some other files, try the following link.;[LN];vbruntime&

Also it doesn't matter where the files are located, they just need to be registered with regsvr.

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Made some progress

by dlandmesser In reply to Possibly other files are ...

Well, I made some progress on the issue. Maybe this info will help. I googled "how do register a DLL" and I found some great stuff. Apparently you can manually register a DLL. I tried it, but I encountered the following error:

"c:\me\vb6\dao350.dll" is not an executable file and no registration helper is registered for this file type."

That doesn't sound good. From the error message I think I need a registration helper application. Is this the case? If so, what do I do about it?

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