Verizon Business e-mail SPAM Issues

By rlmink ·
I am the sole tech support/admin guy at a SMB. Verizon as our ISP. I do not have or want to have an Exchange Server on site. Our e-mail is basically outsourced to the ISP. The comm line is an SDSL. Since I 1st went to the DSL line the vendor folded once without any notice. The subsequent vendor was in business for a while, then absorbed into WorldCom/MCI and now a division of Verizon. I really do not want to go through the exercise of switching ISPs and re-establishing e-mail accounts on 23 users.
The issue I have is two fold:
1. Verizon does NOT provide any SPAM filtering.
2. E-mail sent from their mail servers is considered SPAM by many ISPs and the messages are blocked.

Does anyone have suggestions to rid myself of the annoyances besides switching the ISP? If I did switch, who would be a viable reliable business ISP for an SMB?

Thanks to all who respond.

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Have you considered a hosted Exchange server?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Verizon Business e-mail S ...

We use an externaly hosted exchange server (I can send you the name if you want). This gives us email addresses that never change, the ability to control our own accounts (add/remove/provision), web access to our email accounts while traveling, and reliability far beyond what an ISP could hope to provide. The account comes with a license for the Outlook client to be installed on each computer, so the need for purchasing the Office Suite just to get Outlook isn't there. Our email addresses are our domain (, so if we get blacklisted, it's our fault.

Using a hosted Exchange server saved us from having to keep a dedicated Tech on staff to maintain the server. And, we all know how much time that consumes.

The additional advantage is that you can pick and choose your ISP at will. Go with the one that gives you the best price and servers as well as change at will if you so desire. You never have to change your email addresses.

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I was not aware of hosted Exchange servers

by rlmink In reply to Have you considered a hos ...

I was not aware of hosted Exchange servers. I would appreciate the name of whom you have for the service. We do not have a need for a hosted web site. If I go with a hosted exchange server then I could change our ISP, as you stated. We are using Verizon as the ISP, which provided 20 e-mail accounts for a flat fee. It has grown to 23, for which they have an add-on cost for each one.
Thanx for an intelligent & viable reply. Rich

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Here is what we use.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to I was not aware of hosted ...

You don't have the PM (private message) turned on in your account here at TR, so I have to post the URL.

We used to host our own email (non-Exchange). When we began to outgrow our existing system and started looking into Exchange, we found a Hosted Exchange Server was more cost effective than doing it ourselves. We researched several different companies before we decided on because it provided all of the services we were looking for, plus some.

Each of our remote offices has a different ISP, but we all connect to this server for our email. The best part is that we can connect from anywhere in the world, as long as we have internet access, instead of only from our individual offices like we used to have to do (firewall issues).

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