Very basic DNS question.

By dj27091978 ·
I have a small network (10 pc's) that previously had no internet/email access.

I have just installed a DSL router and a firewall.

I've been told that the PC's DNS address should be an internal address, so how will I be able to get out on the internet?

Do I need to set up DNS on a server, or can I set this up on the firewall or router?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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use your ISP DNS servers...

by CG IT In reply to Very basic DNS question.

if your using static addressing. the default gateway is the router/firewall lan address.

if your using DHCP, use autodetect for both IP and DNS. the router/firewalls DHCP service will provide addressing, gateway and DNS addressing to clients automatically.

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So if I'm using dhcp...

by dj27091978 In reply to use your ISP DNS servers. ...

Thanks for you reply,

So if I'm using dhcp, I need to enter the dns settings on the router/firewall?

If I'm using a server running DNS, do I need to point the dns server to the ISP's dns address, or do I point the DNS server to the router/firewall?

Thanks again...

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by squirrelonfire In reply to So if I'm using dhcp...

free dns for you that works !

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well you said

by CG IT In reply to So if I'm using dhcp...

10 pcs with no internet connection and now you've got DSL.

if you have a DSL modem/router/firewall from your ISP, and they do what most ISPs do here in the US and that is make is easy for the consumer to connect to the internet, then all you do is plug everyone in.

Now if you have a DNS server on the network, which you didn't mention in your first posts.... that's another deal all together.

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What I should of said is?

by dj27091978 In reply to well you said

Sorry, I should have been clearer.

What I should of said is?If I have a dhcp server on the network (which I want to keep) and am not using the firewall/router to give out addresses, where do the clients get there dns settings from?

What do I enter on the DHCP server as the address for DNS?

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believe its option 6

by CG IT In reply to What I should of said is?

to specify DNS servers option 5 for name servers. option 3 is routers

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...ISPs DNS server or router IP address...???

by dj27091978 In reply to believe its option 6


So if it's option 5 do I put in the ISP DNS server?

If it's option 3 do I put in ip address of router?

And which option is recommend for small networks?

Sorry, I know this is probably basic stuff but I'm just trying to get my head around it...Thanks...

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I believe option 6 is for DNS servers

by CG IT In reply to ...ISPs DNS server or rou ...

and if you don't run Active Directory [which means you have your own DNS server], you can then use the ISPs DNS servers for that option. If you do run Active Directory, then putting in your ISPs DNS servers would only break Active Directory because clients would then not be able to find the domain controller].

I would also specify option 3 routers and indicate that your router/firewall ip address is the router to use [default gateway].

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Easiest way to do this, use OpenDNS - Get Started

by markmathson In reply to Very basic DNS question.

It sounds like you need to try a service that will be very helpful in this situation. Use OpenDNS, which is a free DNS service. Go to this URL to get simple getting started instructions:

Good luck!

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