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vhs to dvd

By mtribble ·
this is probably pretty silly, but I am confused about the difference between a fire-wire and a tv/out video card. I want to copy my tapes to dvd's. I plan to use my vcr and connect it to my computer. My current video card is a year old, and as far as I know, doesn't have the connectopn I want. Sould I just get a recordable dvd player?

Also, if I make slide ahows of some of my phots (scanned and put on a cd, can yhis be played on a dvd plyer)?

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JPEG to VCD -- yes can do!

by htacoma In reply to more answers

Hey Mrafrohead,

On 5/12/03, you wrote:

more answers

<< A VCD is sort of like a DVD, in theory. It is actually burned onto a regular CD-r disk and not a DVD. The quality will more than likely be less than that of a VCR tape. But, it will work:) >>

...and the good news is there are ways to make SVCDs as well 780x480.

<< I am not sure if you can burn the jpegs into the VCD though like you can with a DVD. But I'm ignorant on this topic. But I don't think that you can. >>

...surprise :-)
How to make a still pictures VideoCD (v1.0)

<&lt...snip...] MAKE SURE THAT YOU OWN THEM FIRST! Don't just start borrowing or renting tapes. According to Fair Use, you are allowed to make a backup copy of your purchased copyright protected material. Nothing else. >>

Jury still out, Macrovision on some tapes can be defeated -- most DVDs have it and that's why they tell you not to plug it serially to your VCR

Han Tacoma

~ Artificial Intelligence is better than none! ~

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thanks, all- need a little more help

by mtribble In reply to Hi there mrafrohead

gigen me a lot to think about- will check out some of the web site you suggested-

would like an external dvd burner- I have a zip drive in my thirt slot- I have a fourth slot but I don't think I have the wires inside to connect- of course I could always get a combo dvd/rw/cd/rw drive- but I like the idea of usinf my ubs slots for the burner and tuner- Did I understand right- that if I own my tape- that they can be copied? And how much would i lose in sound and quality? Is it possible to retain stereo sound?

Thanks so much

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Personally I'd go with an internal DVD R

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to thanks, all- need a littl ...

As they are just better, but if you want to produce VCD's they can be made but will lack the clarity of a true DVD. The combo DVD/RW/CD/RW isnt a good idea as they arn't as good as a proper DVD Burner and anyway you can still burn CD's in the DVD burner so you arn't gaining anything with the combo unit and actually I'm not sure that they make that type of thing anyway, as the only ones that I've seen where CDRW that could play DVD's but not record them they where just DVD players.

About recording in stereo it all depends on what software you are using it is legal to copy stuff that you own even copies of VHS tapes that you have bought just like recording CD's to tape so far it's legal and provided you arn't making money from copying bulk copies of whatever you won't have much of a problem simply because it isn't in the interests of the major players to jump on the little guy it costs them too much with no return.

There is a program called something like DVD coppier available which copies DVD's without loss of quality as I've never used it I don't know how it works or what its actually called but I'm sure that someone here will know of it. I believe that there has just been a court case over this peice of software and the big guys lost.

As far as using the USB capture device you would have to look into what they are capable of as I don't know and I would advise you to avoid a combo Video card/capture card as these are at best a compromise go with a proper video capture card that goes into a PCI slot you will get better quality most times and won't have a bulk of stuff hanging off the computer anyway. You have to start worring about power consumption when you start adding a lot of USB devices.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Personally I'd go with an ...

As I live in Australia I can't offer you advice on where to buy or what the price is as our current exchange rate means that $1.00 US is worth about $1.95 AU so it's all a bit messy there but I'm sure that some of the others will point you in the right direction about what price and where to buy or at least have a look see.

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A few more things.

by mrafrohead In reply to thanks, all- need a littl ...

Alright, you're missing a few things here..

When you buy an internal burner, you can remove your old CD Burner. A DVD burner will burn DVD's AND CD's. If you get the Sony that I mentioned above, you can actually burn in all existing formats outright now, except DVD-RAM. And you don't want DVD-RAM anyhow. It's super expensive and a dying technology.

To retain all of your quality that you have on those tapes, you will require getting yourself a GOOD Capture card. Go with PCI. That's the best method as of now, and will deliver Professional results. And yes, if you get the proper card, you will retain stereo.


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Take your time...

by htacoma In reply to vhs to dvd


<< this is probably pretty silly,[...snip...] >>

There are no silly or dumb questions except the ones that don't get asked! :-)

<< I want to copy my tapes to dvd's. [...snip...] >>

I think mrafrohead and have provided excellent suggestions. To the product "Aver External USB TV tuner, USB powered", I would look at AverMedia Products --, these people are in California, but they may have outlets in the east coast as well?

Another product that is not a card, just cables is the Belkin USB VideoBus II -- -- a bit too rich for my taste.

<< Also, [...snip...] be played ona dvd plyer)? >>

I suspect your scan would have produced Mpeg files and while you would be able to see them on your computer, you will not be able to see them until you transform them into a VCD (usually 2.0) format.

The title of this reply is"Take your time". You have entered into an extremely rewarding field which is vast. Both mrafrohead and have hinted at the pace of change in technology and technical details and I would recommend you join:
"DVD/R Help Newbie: beginners guides and articles"
They have a section "Latest updated Capture Cards", where you can find a lot of information.
Also join:
"GNU VCDimager Forums"
"VCDEasy official site"
" Mailing Lists"
where you will find so much information that at first you'll feel turned off (like I did myself) and after the _overwhelmed_ feeling goes away you will realize how much *fun* this stuff is!

Han Tacoma

~ Artificial Intelligence is better than none! ~

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by htacoma In reply to Take your time...

Earlier I wrote:
<< I suspect your scan would have produced Mpeg files and while you would be able to see them on your computer, you will not be able to see them until you transform them into a VCD (usually 2.0) format. >>

The term Mpeg should have read Jpeg. I got carried away with the biz of motion pictures :-), but the rest still remains accurate. There is software (freeware) available to convert JPG files into MPG files which you will need to eventually have a VCD format that'll play inyour DVD player (...let me qualify that, there are DVD players that'll play VCDs and others won't -- you can check if yours will in the forums I suggested.)

Han Tacoma

~ Artificial Intelligence is better than none! ~

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good idea

by mrafrohead In reply to Take your time...

I failed to think of vcd's.

Yes, if you use vcd - you can actually just use a standard cd-burner and save yourself about three hundred bucks.

If you use VCD's you will get what you want at a nice price. The only catch is the quality will not be as good as that of a true DVD, but it will be a **** of a lot less of a hit on your pocketbook.

And as for being overwhelming in teh beginning. **** yeah it can be. I've been encoding video for years now, but I still remember the start of it,and it was a lot of LONG nights with pounding headaches from thinking so hard but it was more than worth it!

now i'm an encoding junkie!


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Dazzle Device

by Bryan James In reply to vhs to dvd

Dazzle has a number of devices that can doe this depending on the quality you want I have a USB device and it seems to do fine.

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by osapuk In reply to vhs to dvd

using your computer to re-copy from vcr to dvd's did your computer accept the vcr machine attached to it? it only becomes easy to transfer when u have aquired a card which is called a tv/radio card as it is only when u have this card that you can transfer from your VCR to your Computer and then from your computer to DVD Machine.

If you copy your pictures into a Cd you can not play it on a VCD machine cos it dos not recognize the copied materials as VCD machines can only recognize what is call Wave format and MP3 format and a video file format.


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