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By Michael34 ·

My question is I currently have a Dazzle USB video capture device. My problem is I can capture video's and movies, however I am getting lots and lots of frame drops (Usually out of 10,000 frames I loose 2,000, in no specific order), and the sound is also a little on the choppy side.

I use Pinnacle Studo 8 to get all my captures, however I still loose a massive amount of frames. I am presuming this is because the device uses USB?

My system Specs are:
AMD Athlon 1.0 GHZ
784 MB RAM
32 MB NVIDIA Video Card
80 GB 7200 RPG Maxtor HDD.

Even after I did a clean install of Windows, I installed the software and drivers with the same results.

Mainly I want to capture video and have it do a good job, unlike what I am getting now. I would like to get a PCI device, as my Video card takes my AGP Slot, so I would be unable to use one that uses AGP. Also I noticed that most of the capture cards are Coax not RCA. My current setup is RCA (Red, White and Yellow connectors).

My questions are:
1.) Is the Coax better than the RCA for use when capturing Video, and should I get a Coax Video Capture Card?
2.) How much would a PCI one cost? I just need one that does a good job and is compatable with Pinnacle Studo 8.
3.) Also what is a good format to use when capturing Video Codex wise? I know I had a codex I used with Movie Star that did a good job, however I could not get an entire movie because the file size within 20 min was greater than 4 GB. Currently I am using PCLEPIM1 32-bit Compressor, and Divx which both work fine, but drop frames like crazy (although I think its because the capture device is USB).

Any help is appriciated! Thanks.

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