Video card not producing a display

By zemn612 ·
I'm having an odd problem. My video card (PNY Geforce 7600 GS PCIe)is not waking up my monitor. Now, for six months, it was working fine with no problems. But then just last week, when I booted up the computer there was no display. However, the computer did boot up just fine, as I heard windows open through my speakers.

I powered off the computer, removed the video card and tried again. No display. I then powered off again and plugged the monitor into the onboard video. That worked no problem. So I thought my video card died. So I planned to buy one within the next few days.

But, the following day I powered up my comp, and there was no display with the onboard video. I power down and try the video card again. Nothing. So I remove the video card and try the onboard. Now it's working again.

A few days go by. I decide to see if the video card really is dead. So I put it back in my comp to see if the fan is still running. Fan works, so I plug the monitor into it and I get a display! I let it run all day, and there's no problem, no graphic glitches or anything. Runs smooth. So I power down, let the comp sit for a few minutes and power back up. No display

So, back to the onboard. It works. Try the video card again. Nothing. So I take it out yet again and try it the following day. Guess what? It worked again. Let it run all day without a problem. Until I powered down the comp. Once restarted, no display from the video card.

I'm guessing it's either the power supply or the motherboard. Any help would be greatly appreciated for I am extremely frustrated! :)

Here is my computer info :

Gateway GT5034 Media Center Computer
Windows XP
2gb ram
PNY Geforce 7600 GS PCIe
Field Value
Motherboard Name Foxconn C51GU01 Series
300w power supply

Thanks again!

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Same issue

by phoenix512 In reply to Video card not producing ...

I have an ATI Radeon HD 4870 that worked fine for a year, now it does not wake up the display. The fans still work, but no picture on my monitor.

if it is the Graphics card, is it worth fixing, or should I acquire a new one?

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