Video Playback error

By J.Runn ·
I have been having some users trying to view videos in an email attachment or in webpages. The videos show, but they are all in florescent neon like colors. Anyone know what the issue is here? We have Dell Optiplex 755 with ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT.


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My first check would be video drivers

by jruby In reply to Video Playback error

Check the websites for Dell or ATI (AMD) to see if there is a driver update for your Radeon. You could try to pick it up through MS's WindowsUpdate, but I tend to have better luck fixing issues by checking with the vendor first.

Second check would be to find out the codec's used in the video files and see if you're missing a codec or need to update one.


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Updated Driver

by J.Runn In reply to My first check would be v ...

...didn't work. Could this be something wrong with the attachment? The user sent me the same video and the same neon colors shown. How do i check the codecs?

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Well without seeing the thing it's hard to say

by OH Smeg In reply to Video Playback error

But for starters is the video viewable outside the LAN that you are on?

What I'm asking is if you try to view it in a system not attached tot he LAN can you view it correctly? If not it's the Video or at least the way that it was saved to the Computer which it originated from

If it comes up cleanly on a outside computer it's something internal to the system where you are that is causing the problem.


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by J.Runn In reply to Well without seeing the t ...

it was sent to a user from outside our domain. You think thats the reason for this neon contrasting?

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It could be Media Player, or something your Domain

by OH Smeg In reply to Yes

But it is more likely to be the source of the Video at fault.

If you can view it properly outside of the Domain you need to look at the domain for the problem. But if you are unable to view it on a computer not connected tot he domain it's the video to start off with.


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Are you looking at the video's in Windows media player?

Try this: Right click on the attachment and then select "save as" and put it on to your desktop, then right click on it again and then select "open with" (if open with is not there then click on "open") and select any video play back you want such as CyberLink PowerDVD. Make sure you have all the codecs on your computer otherwise you will just hear music.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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by J.Runn In reply to Are you looking at the vi ...

I did the steps you said and the only media player we allow our users to have is Media Player. I can view the video, but it looks contrasted in neon colors. I checked all the settings in media player and they are all fine.

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May be it is a very poor video and the people who made it..

Do not know they have done it, or do not know about it. :)

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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by J.Runn In reply to May be it is a very poor ...

They try to watch any kind of video either web hosted (quicktime or windows media file) or locally on their machine. Still having the neon trippy coloring. I'm going to see if the Windows Media Player could be corrupted and install the newest version. Also going to try to view the video in a different player to see if that works. When I get around to it, i'll let you know if anything works.


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DRM could have a hand in this problem ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Video Playback error

With the advent of downloadable video content from television stations that allow you to 'catch up' on broadcast programmes you may have missed first time round.

If you don't play them with the designated media player (the identity of which is embedded into the video file) you CAN get fluorescent colours instead of normal images.

This can also happen with any media player if the file is being viewed on any 3rd party machine.

Maybe DRM is raising its nasty head here too.

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