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virus for sexual inversion

By john.a.wills ·
I found this while doing some hunting after a lead in the Economist:
Greg Cochran argues, quite persuasively, that homosexuality, by which he means sexual inversion, is caused by a virus. He does not discuss how the behaviorist methods of rectifying sexual inversion might overcome the virus's workings.

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it is perfectly natural

by Jaqui In reply to nutbag

after all, eagles ( mate for life )
wolves ( mate for life )
ducks ( mate for life )

all have homosexual relationships.

so I would say that The GODS want homosexuality to be around.

anyone that says different is only under the influence of chaos.

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gay beasts

by john.a.wills In reply to it is perfectly natural

And how do these animals transmit the condition from generation to generation? Cochran uses sheep as the example of beasts who have male sexual inversion most like that we know, and he thinks the virus may have jumped from sheep to humans, much as the AIDS virus did from monkeys and flu viruses do from birds.

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That's ripe

by Oz_Media In reply to gay beasts

I know you've said you don't agree with him, or at least I think you did, but that's just laughable.

It's like the old mythical fear of shaking a black man's hand, it just MAY rub off and you'll turn black. Get real!

Michael Jackson has shook a few white hands in his time, and he's not......hmmmmm. You know, Cochran just may be right afterall!

Where do they find these men? Does Cochran get government funding for his'research'?

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I'm working on the assumption

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to That's ripe

That it was a bunch of bloke's mincing about, and getting cured with aversion therapy.
The therapy consisted of being forced to indulge in disgustingly intimate heterosexual relationships with a sucession of nubile lovelies.
After they had suffered this horrendous experience AND the reasearch funds had run out, they humbly agreed that they no longer fancied each other.

Case Proven

Sadly I'm so set in my ways now, I'd have to punch the cretin out even though I would be sacrificing such a chance to be considered free of defects by the good doctor.

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interspecies infection

by john.a.wills In reply to That's ripe

What is laughable about an infection jumping from one species to another? It has happened many times. One of the things epidemiologists regularly look for is another infected species, which is why so many chickens have been put to death in South-East Asia in recent months.

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The laughable part

by Oz_Media In reply to That's ripe

Actually both of them,

1) He is implying that viral homosexuality can be justfied with aviary flu as an example. We could say the same about people being A$$holes.

2) WHO would he convinced to take a treatment they don't feel they need, it's the same as telling you that the heterosexual feelings you are having can be corrected.

"Now I don't care who ya are, that there's FUNNY!" - Larry "The Cable Guy"

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by Jaqui In reply to Agree fully on that one d ...

best christmas I have had, in my entire life.
I spent with a gay friend, his mom, boyfriend and several mutual friends. as well I cooked the dinner..for about 1500.

I beleive the phrase is:

people you actually like to spend time with.

gotta admit, sounds better than birth families a lot of times don't it.

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Dawgie style!

by Absolutely In reply to So??? Why does this matte ...

Gay marriage is unconstitutional.

So is un-gay marriage.

Amendment 1

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion...

There is no qualification that the law does not directly infringe on the rest of the community or on practitioners of different beliefs. It says no law in the United States may show respect for any religion, and marriage is inherently religious.

There is no basis for marriage vows that cannot be traced to a religious origin. There is no honest basis for recognition of marriage by the United States government under any interpretation of the Constitution that includes the entire First Amendment.

Homos have the right to peaceably assemble, either in funny clothes on the streets of the Castro district or without clothes in their homes.

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by john.a.wills In reply to Dawgie style!

I thought I was starting a discussion about biology, not law or social policy.

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speculation as to origin of historically persecuted behavior.

by Absolutely In reply to biology/law

Did you think you were posting to a community of biological scientists with no interest, even academic, in the legal or social ramifications of the article you submitted? If so, one or more of your premises need checking.

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