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virus for sexual inversion

By john.a.wills ·
I found this while doing some hunting after a lead in the Economist:
Greg Cochran argues, quite persuasively, that homosexuality, by which he means sexual inversion, is caused by a virus. He does not discuss how the behaviorist methods of rectifying sexual inversion might overcome the virus's workings.

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Who knows it might be

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Pure science

genetic, at least the pre-dispostion anyway. But anyone calling it a defect is the sort of bigot who would describe high melanin levels, red hair of left handedness a defect as well. Genetic, viral or social as soon as someone talks about 'curing' it you know where they are coming from.

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by john.a.wills In reply to Who knows it might be

Left-handed, high-melanin etc. people can reproduce. Sexual inversion much reduces the possibility of bringing offspring to adulthood. Coming from Darwin, therefore, sexual inversion is a disorder. If it were genetic surely it would have died out by now. Cochran does investigate indirect passage of genes before deciding that infection is the cause.

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A non-genetic virus

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to left-handedness

What they've been hacked ?
The more you tell me about this guy, the bigger the idiot he seems to become.
If I met him I'd have to drop one on him to avoid dying from laughter.

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IF....It was a virus

by Oz_Media In reply to virus for sexual inversio ...

Why would we seek a cure?

Gay men and women are EXTREMELY happy with their sexuality, they don't begrudge feeling gay, perhaps at a younger age when they are still confused, but that happens in heterosexuals as well, until we develop our self confidence.

So why would a CURE be needed? A Vaccine?

What is the purpose and WHo would be willing to take it? These men and women are as happy with THEIR partners as you and I with ours. Would YOU be interested in taking a vaccine if someone decided that heterosexuality was a disease and being gay was correct? Not bloody likely!

WHY do we need to try and fix something that only a small portion of the world's population considers a sickness?

Are we to then pass a law that everyone must be vaccinated against being gay? Will we force the gay lifestyle to go back into hidin gand repress a large portion of our society?

WHAT is the purpose behind seeking such a conclusion to begin with? You have to start thinking about HIS mind, WHAT has motivated him to
take interest? IS he looking for a way to 'solve the gay problem'?

There is absolutely NO reason for any consideration on this matter other than to read someone's opinion. It has no purpose outside of serving someone's self interest, to make the world what someone else deems ideal.

THAT is a sickness, one that is cured by getting a little culture in your life.

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gays and vaccination

by john.a.wills In reply to IF....It was a virus

Cochran is not proposing vaccination, merely a hypothesis to explain a mysterious and fascinating condition. And not all sexual inverts are gay. For other lifestyles consult and, which represent lifestyles as different from each other as either is from gayness.

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behaviorist methods of rectifying sexual inversion

by Absolutely In reply to virus for sexual inversio ...

By now you must be aware that some of your target audience have stated that we do not accept your assumption of the existence of "behaviorist methods of rectifying sexual inversion" consistently. Please provide documentation showing that such rectification can be achieved consistently.

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by john.a.wills In reply to behaviorist methods of re ...

Eysenck in his then popular Penguin books mentioned rectification of sexual inversion at a 65% rate back in the 1960s. As he was writing before the current homosexualism-versus-homophobia environment had been set up I presume he was not taking sides but merely reporting facts. Due to the present situation I am reluctant to accept the claims of more recent therapies. Now, I have heard the opinion that Eysenck was making things up, or exaggerating, and that would let Cochran's theory remian unfalsified.

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something ***** about this...

by Absolutely In reply to rectification

Back in the 1960s the atmosphere as I understand was nearly total oblivion to the very fact of homosexuality. Yet as soon as being openly gay became known to mainstream culture, homophobia ensued, implying a strong previously latent homophobia. Even the attempt to "rectify" a condition presupposes a value judgment, and thus an agenda.

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not exactly oblivion

by john.a.wills In reply to something queer about thi ...

During the 1960s consenting homosexual acts between men were decriminalized in England & Wales (not yet in Scotland or Northern Ireland) because, we were told, if homosexuality were no longer a crime homosexuals would no longer be afraid to take their problem to doctors, who would send them to consultants, who would cure them of homosexuality; so that by decriminalizing homosexuality we would end up having less homosexuality. I supported this argument, but I don't think anyone in Parliament was influenced by my support, so I am not to blame for AIDS around the North Atlantic, despite my careless thinking.

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to not exactly oblivion

To de-criminalise being gay so they would n't be afraid to ask to be cured ?
That's not an argument, it's bigotry.

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